You’ve heard me reference magnesium many times by now if you have followed the FacelessFatloss videos or the Over40AndRipped blogs/videos.

There are a handful of supplements out there that tend to help just about everyone who uses them.  Magnesium is a biggie, and supplementing with it, primarily as a topical supplement, tends to produce results for people that are so readily felt/experienced that it becomes obvious how beneficial the supplement can be.

The main reason for this, in my opinion, seems to be the lack of magnesium starting with our soil.  This may be the origin of our problem, largely due to agricultural practices in a society and system of commerce that ignores natural law for the sake of profit, and exploits the soil in the same way it exploits other aspects of our environment and nature.  We are left with a nutritionally deficient soil, that grows nutritionally deficient plants, that we then consume hoping for the best that a whole food source has to offer, only to come up short.

Nutritional deficiency is likely one of several core causes of the countless illnesses and issues we are suffering from in today’s world.

I can state this with high accuracy, as discovering magnesium for myself, someone who has been on a high-quality diet for many years now, netted me such pronounced positive results that it was obvious this macro mineral was a crucial missing component in my diet.

The effect noticed first and foremost, almost universally, is that of stress reduction.

And do not underestimate the benefits of this.

I did not realize how much stress I was apparently under until I began using this supplement.

And as an easy way to prove how effective getting extra magnesium into your body can be, simply try a warm magnesium bath before bed whenever you have trouble with insomnia; it will, I can almost guarantee, make you so sleepy you’ll be beyond eager to crawl into bed as soon as you possibly can.

Don’t take my word for it on how wonderful and basically a “must” this supplement is for most people.  Seek out the work of Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Carolyn Dean for their extensive research in the area of magnesium.

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