My FAVORITE auger-style, slow-churning, low-oxidizing, super-fast-clean-up juicer!

When it comes to juicing specifically, as compared to smoothies, this is my go-to juicer mainly due to the slow masticating style.  The new 8006 unit featured here has an improved auger that is somewhere around 8 to 10 times harder/stronger than their previous model.  In my opinion, it is the top of the line in this style juicer, comparable to any of the over-$1000 priced masticating juicers.  And again, in my opinion, this unit is applicable to use with the Gerson Therapy, if that was an avenue I was pursuing due to illness.  The juicers they recommend are much higher priced, and I feel this one is absolutely comparable…if not outright just as good.  (And for most people dealing with things like cancer, spending over $1000 for a juicer would be an added stress most of us don’t need…just my 2 cents).

That said, a video below demonstrating one of my favorite juices, that of collard greens, celery, carrots and a couple slices of apple.  This kind of green juice is nutrition-dense, and we are able to take advantage of the nutrition thanks to the slow output, low-oxidation process involved in the extraction of this juice.  Because of that, we can also store the juice longer than the high-spinning juicers (within reason…I personally would not store the juice for longer than a day, though I’ve heard minimal degrading happens if one goes up to two days).

The clean-up time is the fastest with these of all juicers…BUT…I want to make this clear…although the clean-up time is awesome (mainly because the “mesh/screen” section is so small) the overall TIME to juice is going to be roughly the same as the faster juicers.  Why?  Because it’s producing the juicer at a much slower rate, which again, in my opinion, is more desirable.  I just do not want to drink the juice from those super-fast screen juicers.  It’s better than nothing (and much better than bottled juices)…but it’s worth the twice-the-cost investment, especially considering the mammoth warranty we get with these kinds of juicers.

Besides, I want all the fresh nutrition I can get from my investment into the fruits and veges I’m juicing.  If a substantial percentage is all being ruined via high-speed spinning parts oxidizing the nutritional components, I’m not making the most of my produce purchases, nor giving my body the best advantages in that regard.


Click on the picture below to get the best prices I can find…on Amazon, as usual.  (If you can find a better price anywhere, please let me know!)