A truly challenging disease that affects many people to extremes.  An eastern practitioner I know, who is extremely successful at treating people in ways totally foreign to western medicine, claims that the spirochete is found in far more people than is realized, responsible for far more conditions than are recognized.

I tend to agree with him.

I have personally known several people struggling with this disease, and the above practitioner even stated that *I* have it, which would explain many of the symptoms that I have had to manage since I became extremely ill back in 2005 with what was definitely a candida/fungus issue.

I have learned how to manage my microbiome.  Although I have never been tested by western medicine to proof-positive Lyme, I trust in the above practitioner’s likely accuracy, since he is so profoundly able to help people with Lyme and other diseases coming from an approach that is completely foreign to western medicine.

And when one is ill, one has to always keep an open mind in all directions.

My methods of attack and management/maintenance has served me very well.  I have occasional relapses of several symptoms, but they are minor and pass with diet adjustment and on-going anti-pathogen tactics, using all of the various supplements and diet/detox techniques I discuss throughout these pages.

I also have a lot of respect for Dr. Thomas Rau’s thoughts on Lyme and other diseases, and the need to detoxify and deal with individual circumstances, each person being different, in order to obtain the best results.  The heavy metal issue (see the zeolite product below as part of the Total Body Detox silver/zeolite combo) and trace mineral deficiencies in the western world are unquestionably causing a portion of our problems, and dietary changes, in the case of Lyme proteins and fats, can also do a world of good towards achieving success.

That said, I have long believed in a specific form of professionally manufactured colloidal silver supplement that has worked wonders in my life.  It was the first supplement I used that gave me literally total relief from a painful condition I suffered with for nearly a full year and a half before I discovered and used this form of silver.

I firmly believe this is the only silver product on the entire market that can have a definite impact on the worst of pathogens, and in improving the management of Lyme Disease.

Click on the picture below to take you to the product.

If you have any further issues with Lyme, please contact me directly for information on contacting a highly successful specialist in my area whom I am very confident may be able to assist you with your challenges.