I have been fortunate since starting my program back in early 2008 to discover that there are people out there who would like to contribute more to my accomplishments and efforts, knowing I do not have the time, energy or money to put into the mass advertising campaigns that so many of my competitors have utilized to bring a lot more public awareness to their programs. 

These “competitors” of mine (although I feel strongly my program is WAY better than theirs…;)) are making literally…literally…about one million more dollars PER MONTH than I do with my program.


There are unquestionably “secrets” in this online industry.  You either know them, or you don’t, and if you don’t you find your online efforts reaching very few people, getting very little exposure, and no matter how great a program it may be, creating very little overall impact and of equal importance…very little financial reward in turn. 

We live in a monetary world.  I need the darn dollars to survive as much as everyone else.

Purchasing the products on this site, such as the picture ads over to the right and elsewhere, supports both myself and the people at Maintenance Motions so that we can keep our programs at low to no cost.  These products and services offered are of incredible value.  We would only offer what we felt you would be genuinely interested in based on what we use ourselves.

But sometimes people do not want any of those offerings, yet DO want to contribute.  I actually learned about offering a donation button through a fellow you-tuber, who actively has donation buttons on his material, and which definitely do help him continue his online efforts.

It would be foolish of me to NOT include the option, so I have below.

Please click the button below, where you will be able to select what ever payment works for you, and understand that the support is MUCH appreciated.  ANY AMOUNT is welcome!  Be it a mere dollar, or a mere one million dollars.  😉  There have been times when I’ve considered abandoning this project, solely due to the massive time expenditure it requires, with such minimal financial returns.  I certainly want to help people, of course…but…combine the time involved, the lack of financial reward, and then throw a few haters into the mix (which all us online people have to contend with)…and it drives one to seriously consider just letting it all go. 

Your purchases from this site, and/or donations help keep me motivated, and I will continue to bring my knowledge base to all, for as long as purchases and/or donations continue.