Two silver supplements that actually work…that are extremely high quality, produced from trusted sources, and extremely affordable for both acute issues and chronic problems.

The list of things silver can help with is long.  I have used it for a number of applications.  But for now, I’ll address one that is popular with members of the FLFL community, as well as in my video outlets:

Lowering PSA with colloidal/ionic silver.

I am determined to help curb the rising flow of prostate problems in men, having dealt with the most severe circumstances, outside of outright removal of the gland due to cancer, myself.  I was not only able to successfully lower my PSA count dramatically, but watch it happen again via a third party using the same tactic; the use of the highest quality, yet affordable, silver supplements.

My theory, and that shared by others, is that prostate issues are, again, as we focus so much on on this site, likely due to infection, and likely the pathenogenic form of yeast that mutates into fungus that we all know of as candida.

It is likely often the case that co-infections exist in this, and any, chronic infection.  But the medical community seems absolutely determined to remain as ignorant as possible about this form of infection, and I believe I know exactly why:

It is more than obvious.  The liability involved with having prescribed antibiotics over the past 50-plus years, handing them out like candy, has caused a mass fungal issue the proportions of which could be monumentally huge.

Ever see the side-effect profiles of any antibiotic?  Cipro, for example, a commonly prescribed and very powerful antibiotic, is known to cause joint issues and arthritis.

Could this simply be the connection made between the Cipro causing an overgrowth of yeast in the body, that in turn becomes a pathogenic fungus in the body that the immune system cannot tackle, therefore having it go systemic, out of the gut and into other parts of the body causing these sorts of problems?

And in that light…thank goodness…can be resolved with time and effort?

The writer of this article has experienced candida overgrowth first-hand.  This resulted first in extreme prostate pain issues, and then a cascade of other problems from muscle, joint, foggy-thinking, panic attacks and other problems.

As soon as the problems were approached from the point of view of a candida infection, symptoms began to clear up immediately, with time bringing more and more relief, and then a system of maintenance (motions…;>) to retain the results.

This is where supplemental silver helped me lower my PSA count, and also that of the person presented in a video on the FacelessFatloss channel (go to and search the video content for “PSA”).

Please note that we are required to state that this is purely anecdotal evidence.  There are no studies behind this, nor any proof the silver actually caused the lowering of the PSA count.

It is only our mere opinion, that the silver was 100% responsible for the benefit we achieved.

We view it as “cause and effect.”  We used the silver to hopefully cause the effect of lowering the PSA count, and it seemed to do exactly that.

Understanding silver is crucial to achieving success with any silver product.

The active component of any form of silver are silver ions.  This needs to be understood whenever we are talking about *any* form of silver supplement.  The only way the silver supplement is effective is via the presence of silver ions in the product.  I personally feel that particle size is also of value.

Some silver supplement manufacturers fully understand this concept and have great products that actually produce great results.

But the vast majority have far inferior products that have only minimal, if any, positive healing impact on the body.  This is based on personal experience and having tried many over the past twenty-plus years.  Had I had a truly effective colloidal and/or ionic silver product that worked when I first became seriously ill, I would have resolved a lot of pain and discomfort when the problems first started.

It wasn’t until I tried a truly high quality form of silver that the relief came (after a brief herxing effect).

PLEASE LEARN FROM THAT: if ever in pain, and you are trying many things, do not assume that just because you try one type of product, that another that goes by the same name will not work.  Not all garlic products are the same by any means; only those isolating allicin, the active molecule of garlic, are the truly effective ones for anti-pathogen applications.  I have used one product claiming to contain allicin, then another that proved it actually had active allicin in the product, and received a much different result.  You can find a quality allicin, “Alli-C,” at, and use my name, facelessfatloss, in the coupon code to obtain a discount on it and everything at that site (more on their great supps elsewhere on this site and in my program).

There are countless other examples.

After trying various kinds of silvers, including home made varieties over those 20+ years, I can say with certainty that two products stand out in the crowd as truly worthwhile and effective.  The kinds of products everyone wants to purchase; those that actually DO what they’re supposed to do and improve the quality of our lives, as compared to using marketing tactic and quazi-science to attempt to simply sell a product for the sake of profit.

(Welcome to the new paradigm in commerce: A world where the money people spend, is on products that are actually honest, and actually work).

Both options of the two best silvers are right here:

One is preferred for every day use, the other for more deeply embedded infections and serious illness.

Silver products should not be used in combination with each other.  Allow time (I allow a good ten days to two weeks) for the silver to exit the body before using the other form of silver, even though the likelyhood of having any issue is extremely remote).