(I know there’s a lot of info below.  It’s all very important.  If it becomes “information overload” for you, read the “WHERE I WOULD START” section towards the bottom to read which routes I would start with to find relief.)

Hello Friends, Tim, aka “FacelessFatloss” here.

I have been in your position, and I am here to help with problems relating to prostate
discomfort and pelvic pain.




Please understand, that I am not a doctor and cannot, will not, do not give medical
advice. I am however someone who has suffered in the past a great deal with this chronic
condition, and to a degree that was severe; so severe, my urologist labeled me the
“second worst case ever seen, or perhaps the first.”

You need to take on just a bit of a learning curve when it comes to prostatitis. The reason
for this is simple: The medical profession as a whole is grossly ignorant of the causes of
this condition. You’ll understand my theory as to why this is so.

Because of this, you need to explore what is known at this time about this alleged
“medical enigma.” I state “alleged,” because I believe that for the most part, this
condition is treatable, at least to the point of greatly reducing the symptoms and returning
quality of life to the man, which should be our primary goal. I am not here to claim a
“cure”…to do so is completely illegal, and I am making no such claim of cure. What I
*am* here to provide for you is my own personal experience and knowledge which my
urologist at one point explained “goes beyond what I (the urologist) know.”

Please take this reading to heart. It comes from someone who went through a living hell
with prostatitis, almost taking my life the pain was so serious and un-ending. If you are
struggling with long-term discomfort or pain, you MUST maintain an open mind and be
willing to explore new theories about the nature of this disease. And out of respect and
appreciation for what *I* went through, take this information seriously, to both help
yourself and other men who are suffering as much as you are.

You must then be willing to spend some money to try different things in an effort to help
you find your relief. I personally spent many…MANY…thousands of dollars. Prostatitis
took almost everything I had. Hopefully, this info below will SAVE you the thousands I
lost in my near-endless search for answers.  The few products listed below are the best of the best, having experimented with SO much over the years.  This site/page was *designed* to save you all the trouble and expense I’ve been through.

And this is why I chose to never charge for this information. I want to help you as much
as I possibly can find quick resolution. The good news is, the costs are small in
comparison to the results you may achieve.

First things first:

If you have an acute form of prostatitis, that has lasted a few weeks at most, and you find
an antibiotic from your doctor that helps it, you MUST stay on the antibiotic for the
FULL COURSE. If you do not, you risk not killing the bacteria off fully that is causing
the problem, and it will make it easier for the bacteria to adapt to the antibiotic next time
around…so that over time, the antibiotic will have no effect on that strain of bacteria. If
that were to happen, you may have difficulty finding another antibiotic that can
successfully kill it. And, the more antibiotics we take, the more our healthy bacteria…the
healthy flora in our intestines that support our immune system…are also killed off,
leaving your immune system compromised adding to your problems if you do not take
proper counter measures. Such a counter measure would be a PRObiotic. For me, I
believe strongly that any person taking an antibiotic of any kind MUST take a probiotic
six hours after each antibiotic, to help counter the intestinal flora destruction that the
antibiotic is causing. A good doctor/urologist will also suggest the same. Yogurt is not
good enough…you need a good pre-and-pro biotic to help counter the destructive effects
of any antibiotic. Resources available below.

I have made this guide free in an attempt to “give back” as much as possible, in helping
other men. Please note that the products I will suggest here *really work and help* most
men. I am here to say they absolutely, unquestionably, helped me. And this was after
losing my entire nest egg…ALL of my savings…in an effort to find these excellent, safe,
highly effective answers to this menacing problem. Note that for some products, I don’t
make a dime (such as the silver, which is the primary option I cannot encourage you
enough to try) and the commissions go directly to charity.

In the other examples, I either make a product credit, so that I can get discounts on the
same product (I use *everything* I list here) or a (very) small monetary commission.

I am required to state these things, as I should be, and would regardless. But the fact is,
these products WORK. They are the most cutting-edge anti-pathogen and health-oriented
products I ever found, that create real results for sufferers, else I would never promote
them. I am beyond happy to be associating with these wonderful companies. And I
promote them in my health and fat loss program ( as well.

That said, let’s get down to business.

Countless men are being prescribed antibiotics for this condition without a second
thought on the part of doctors. This disturbs me greatly. The proper process to follow
would be to take both a urine and semen sample, narrow down the exact KIND of
bacteria (assuming it is a bacterial issue) causing the problem, and then assign the proper antibiotic to resolve it.
Antibiotics work only against bacteria; they do not affect virus or yeast/fungal issues, and
in fact aggravate the latter.

Often very broad spectrum antibiotics (AB’s) are given, and sometimes over long courses
of two weeks, or even up to eight weeks or more.

The amount of intestinal devastation that can occur with this kind of treatment is largely
ignored. What people MUST understand is that whenever AB’s are given, even with
probiotics, a yeast imbalance is almost guaranteed to occur in the body. AB’s will in fact
help a yeast overgrowth condition flourish in the body. If the intestinal tract has a relatively good
supply of healthy flora/bacteria present, we hope that the yeast imbalance that ends up
occurring will remain confined to the intestinal area, and amount to no more than
possible gas, constipation, diarrhea, and other not fun, but not horrible, localized

But everyone’s body is different.

When we couple the AB’s with alcohol use, or the sugar-laden western diet, the largely
grain-based diet, (fungus/yeasts/molds grow on grains we consume), cheeses (note
how readily mold grows on cheese), fermented foods, meats and fats, we foster an environment that
fungus, candida, LOVE to grow and thrive in.

Depending on the individual and their lifestyle, this could help AB’s contribute to a very
large problem in the gut, one that can then breach the immune system barrier…and go
“systemic”…body-wide…finding new homes in other parts of our bodies giving us new forms of misery.

This condition can be compounded if the person taking AB’s has had their appendix
removed at any time in their life. We now know that the appendix is not a “vestigial,”
and therefore useless organ; it in fact supplies the gut with healthy pre-and-pro biotic
organisms that help the intestines maintain an adequate supply of healthy bacteria/flora in
order to establish a sound immune system. Approximately 70% of our entire immune
system is found in our gut.

The fungus can target any number of areas and add to all sorts of strange symptoms,
including fuzzy-headedness, panic attacks, depression, low energy, skin itching, scalp
itching, abdomen protrusions, foot/genital fungus, muscle twitching, breath/tongue
issues, even joint, bone and muscle pain of course vaginal issues in women, and even, according to a doctor over in Italy (Dr. Tullio Simoncini)…cancers (although the genesis of cancers in relation to the fungal form of yeast in the gut, called “Candida,” are different and only indirectly related).

The range of symptoms is huge.

And most alternative researchers believe that this fungal condition is officially “epidemic.”

And this is where our prostates, testicles, and bladders can come into play, and contribute to referred pain in other nearby areas.

Fungus is, in my opinion, one of the primary causes of prostatitis. IT IS ABSOLUTELY
NOT THE ONLY CAUSE. But it IS by FAR under-diagnosed, even when the symptoms
and signs clearly point to the notion of yeast (candida, fungus/fungal

Candida is the fungal form of yeast…when the normally-present yeast in our gut turns into a pathogen…growing a long tail and breaching the gut/immune system…causing problems in other parts of our bodies.

Hence, if you take an AB for a fungal problem, you are not going to help the
situation…you may even make it worse; potentially much worse.  (Don’t let that scare you, you can recover from any damage done).

That is exactly what happened to me. After being given an extremely powerful AB, I
was in a living hell four days later. Via my ignorance and trust of doctors, I went on
another four AB’s over time…including two administered during an emergency room
visit, (along with complimentary catheter jammed up my penis so I could urinate, after a month on Flomax…I learned the hard way that once you’re on Flomax, you likely can’t get off it without being unable to urinate.  For the record, to this day, I am prescription-drug free and intend to forever stay that way).

The doctors can be so ignorant about the nature of this condition, that I not only noticed
no results at all, but my symptoms got worse, and more body-wide, such as the “thrush”
that people experience with yeast overgrowth in their bodies (a thick white burning film
on the tongue) muscle twitching, horrible sensations in my lower abdomen, groin and legs, panic/anxiety attacks, sluggishness and fatigue, fuzzy thinking and other bizarre symptoms amounting to a life of pure misery.

Antibiotics are the go-to med mostly based on laziness on the part of doctors, and blanket
protocols that they believe apply to the largest number of people.
HOWEVER…antibiotics have now been SO over prescribed for the past fifty-plus years,
that I believe the medical community is also aware of potential liabilities that can now
surface; especially when faced with the side effects these antibiotics can cause that are
often not even listed on the label. You will see AB’s prescribed for VIRAL indications,
such as flu, by countless doctors. Antibiotics are anti-BACTERIAL…they have zero
effect on a virus.

In effect, many doctors now seem to *know* that antibiotics can cause a massive range
of added problems. And, the over-prescription of these AB’s is producing super bacteria bugs
which they ALSO can’t counter, since the bacteria adapt to the new AB’s.

Due to insurance issues, doctors are in a place to do little about it. You can see how
addressing fungus as a cause for many problems is a road doctors are mostly not willing to
go down, especially if they are responsible for the problem to begin with.

In fact, you will likely find your western-practicing doctor outright *vicious* towards you if you even suggest that fungus may be the cause.  For some reason, they appear to be being deliberately steered away from all the many studies now demonstrating fungus as a cause for countless so-called “medical enigmas.”

If you follow me here…what has in effect happened is the insistence of the medial
profession to prescribe these antibiotics so liberally over all this time has caused what
may amount to secondary illnesses…and therefore liabilities…so large that it is literally

After all: What if the prescribing of all of these drugs, with their long lists of side effects,
has created a host of new illnesses? Who is responsible? Who is liable?

It is my opinion, as a long-time student of law, that they are liable.  And they know they are.

To continue:

I was open to the notion that my condition was a “headache in the pelvis” (see book by
that title). And I’m not suggesting that that situation is NOT a cause for some men, it
absolutely CAN be.  This is where the pelvic floor flexes itself involuntarily, causing a constant stress on the area.

However…my doctor knew that I was extremely “body conscious.” Meaning, I could
flex almost any muscle on my body at will, just by suggesting it. I had excellent control
of my body, am very athletic and coordinated. For me to have an involuntary flexing of
my pelvic floor seemed unlikely when I’m that aware of my muscles to begin with.

MY theory on the above idea is this: Our bodies will
involuntarily…reflexively…TIGHTEN in response to a threat. Such as an infection and
the natural inflammatory effect; body goes into “protective/defensive“ mode. Our bodies
tend to want to “guard against” anything that could be damaging it by default. It is
natural, and anyone who’s suffered an injury can related to this; the tensing of muscles
around an injury in an effort to help shield against further injury. Football players do it
all the time.

An infection condition is no different. In my opinion, eliminate the infection, and your
body will be able to relax in that area, that much more.

Some men get results with the above experimentation regardless, and I certainly do not
discourage men from pursuing it! High-strung, very stressed men may indeed be
suffering from such a condition. The tactics used to manage this condition boil down to
learning to relax the area via relaxation practices, and there are even therapists now who
specialize in this. It does NOT involve tightening and relaxing…that has apparently be
found to not be the answer. But instead, to simply relax the area, and be taught how to do
so if necessary by a professional. Lots of stretching as well.

As an aside option to the above, botox has been experimented with, including injecting
the stuff right up into the prostate via the urethra. It offers a very high success rate, but is
a very radical way to go about it. Perhaps botox into the surrounding muscles of the
perineum area is a better way to go about it. My doctor and I agreed on that stance.

The next strongest theory is that of the calcification issue…prostate stones and/or
nanobacteria, essentially one and the same. There have been EDTA suppository and
tetracycline protocols used to this end, and apparently with some success for men who we
can be relatively sure are contending with this kind of issue. This may apply to men who
are prone to calcification…essentially body “plaque.” EDTA is used for the arterial
plaque that we’ve all heard of, and the theories suggest that this is one/the same. So if
you have arterial plaque issues…or have had kidney stones, for example, or any other
organ-calcification-related issues…the prostate calcification can be what is going on.

I personally would not use the tetracycline in conjunction with the EDTA ever again (yes,
I did try this protocol, including WITH tetracycline). We have a much safer and equally
powerful form of allicin…a garlic derivative that in only the past ten years has been
successfully isolated from garlic…to use instead. AND it has the added benefit of being
a natural “chelator”,” which is exactly what EDTA is used for: chelation therapy.

The nanobacteria theory is an interesting one that I long considered as my possible
problem. Because even a mere five years ago, we did not have the anti-candida/yeast
remedies we now have, I was exploring avenues outside of it being a fungal issue, since
prescription antifungal medications are quite dangerous, with substantial side effects and
are extremely expensive.

The nanobacteria is claimed to be a form of bacteria that is much MUCH smaller than our
standard bacterias, and they have learned how to coat themselves with calcium they leech
from the body, so that most antibiotics…those that are not also chelators, like doxy and
tetracycline *are* (as is allicin)…cannot get to the body of the bacteria to kill it. It is
believed that we may have a massive over-calcification issue going on in western society,
and the evidence of it does seem overwhelming. The idea of supplementing with calcium
is finally beginning to fall to the wayside, since the science is suggesting that our
magnesium-to-calcium ratios in our bodies are often WAY out of balance. Calcification
of internal tissue is becoming commonplace.

So there is a lot we can do to bring the balance back, and reduce systemic calcification.
Options include topical magnesium (listed below). Theraputic-sized dosages of MSM
(up to sixteen grams in some studies). Supplemental silica. The EDTA therapy
previously mentioned. And supplemental allicin.

The idea of prostate calcification is one that should be explored for everyone suffering
from the condition. At the end of this report, I have included what I consider the best
alternative protocol for de-calcifying*** (see below), one that I use aspects of as a
complimentary alternative health pursuit, while considering yeast as still the core issue
when it comes to prostate concerns.

Please also look into massage options of the gland for both this and any/all other prostate
issues, which can be of enormous help, and for which prostate massagers exist online
specifically for this purpose, for medical-type applications. ( I use
one of their massagers semi-regularly. They take getting used to, but can be a very
helpful alternative to a professional massage of that area of the body, forcing more blood
into the gland and relieving BPH urgency issues due to inflammation as well as prostate
discomfort, since the back of the gland tends to be the most common area that is
associated with pain.

But first and foremost, I would like to see sufferers remain open to the idea that
prostatitis is very often a yeast/candida/fungal problem in the gland. In my opinion,
another sign that this is the case relates to what I call the “moving pain”…discomfort and
pain that is in the prostate one day, then the perineum another day, then a combination of
the areas, maybe including a testicle, lower abdomen/gut area, burning/itching anus,
urinary tract infection (UTI) another day, urgency in urination due to UTI *or* inflamed
prostate, even upper leg issues, (entire “pelvic floor” area) and so forth.

If you also suffer from panic attacks, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, and/or
have had your appendix removed, fungus may be what you’re dealing with.

Also if you crave sugars or alcohol. OR if alcohol or sugar makes the condition feel
worse…OR better…with predictability.

SO:….To deal with this condition as if it’s a fungus/candida issue, some preparation is
required to minimize what’s referred to as “herxing” (Herxheimer Reaction)…that of the
feelings of sickness experienced as pathogens (bacteria, virus, or in this case fungus) are
killed off and the toxins are released into the body as the system attempts to remove the
carcasses and toxins/wastes from this effect. Herxing has a range of symptoms; from
cold sweats, to vomiting, shaking, diarrhea, anxiety/panic, depression, and general flulike
symptoms. These can be reduced a great deal by preparing the body for the attack on
the pathogen, and setting up the colon as an exit route for the pathogens so they have a
place to evacuate to in this process.

This requires a cleansing. Ideally, a master-cleanse style fast as outlined in my
FacelessFatloss materials.

At the very least, the diet needs to be greatly cleaned up, and adequate fiber
supplementation taken in, such as organic psyllium powder (below) and flushed out each
morning with a salt water oral enema, or Epsom salt drink. Anything to get a flush of the
system every morning, and preferably at least one more bowel movement during the day
(three BM’s if possible).

The colon of a person who is not participating in an on-going detoxification program and
incorporating 90% clean eating into their lifestyle is most likely going to be fostering an
environment in the bowels that fungus will thrive upon. Fungus will
often stick around if there is *just enough* food available to them to make a fight
worthwhile. In other words, we can throw the best of the best anti-pathogens at
them…anti-pathogens like the silver and allicin that truly work…BUT…for as long as
some kind of environment exists for them to thrive in, they will continue to fight back
with everything they have to stick around. We don’t want to give them that opportunity.

The closer you can get to a raw food diet for a time…it may take weeks or months, or a lifetime…or as another option, a master-cleanse-style fast as referenced in my facelessfatloss program…the closer you
will be to building an environment the fungus will not want to stick around in.

We can then beat them down with the silver and allicin, and keep them at bay with
maintenance doses over time. Maintenance doses that also help us with secondary
infections the yeasts can and do cause, as well as all sorts of other bugs like the common
cold. The silver itself is so powerful, that I haven’t become sick ONCE since discovering
it. And this coming from a person with a definitely depleted (outright *ravaged*)
immune system.

Once a bit of a lifestyle adjustment has been made, and preparations are intact, we can
begin experimenting with the silver and allicin to attack the problem. I encourage men to first spray it onto their arm as a test to make
sure there is no reaction (there has never been with this silver; it is an extremely safe, yet
extremely effective form). The concern with silver products is always about “argyria,”
turning the skin gray/blue. It has never happened with this form of silver, as you can find at the product’s official site, as well as why this is the case.  I have been using it for over five years semi-regularly, with nothing but benefits.

Then, after a few hours to a day to verify your skin is unaffected, use it orally starting with one spray.

If you take in too much at once,
you may end up with severe herxing, whereby you feel so ill you have difficulty
managing it.

During these and ALL times with using an antipathogen such as our silver, we must
ALWAYS take in PLENTY OF WATER. Do NOT under value the importance of this!
The water can and will literally often determine your level of comfort in managing the
herxing. AND, water absolutely positively LOOSENS yeast from the body. Lots of spring water…and I never…EVER…drink water from the tap. Tap
water is LOADED with problems, including trace forms of antibiotics (!), trace
hormones, trace chlorine, and in many parts of the world, fluoride in a toxic form (an
issue I have a HUGE problem with, but is a topic for another time).

I couple the silver with the Alli-C product to help counter the yeast-urine dump…I have
always found that a UTI develops when the yeast is evacuating, either via the urinary
route or the bowels. Taking two Alli-C caps counters this issue very effectively. The
silver is so effective that it goes to work killing pathogens instantly, upon contact…the silver
cannot always reach all the way down into the bladder to counter the problems there, the
way allicin often can. I have found that two capsules of the allicin will rid the UTI within
just a couple hours. It and the silver make an excellent and healthy team.

On that note: When taking the sprays of silver, you will want to hold the silver in your
mouth…under your tongue, in your cheeks…for as long as you can. Shoot for a full half
hour if possible. This is the most effective route into the blood stream, not too dissimilar
from using an IV.

Then, when you’re ready to swallow, take a small glass of spring water. This too will help get it deeper in the GI tract where it can potentially result in even more anti-pathogen activity.

You can also spray it topically directly onto the areas of pain…the perineum, the
scrotum, penis, etc. Don’t underestimate it’s ability to penetrate the skin and do it’s work
from there.  I have coupled this technique with topical DMSO, which forces the silver into the tissues, as well as relieves pain.

During this kind of intense silver usage, you need to take a probiotic, just to manage some
of the minor bacterial die-off this kind of heavy usage will cause. The silver does not
compare to antibiotics in this regard, which completely ravage the intestinal tract in this
regard. However, we want to stay on the side of caution and safety, and make sure our
friendly bacteria are catered to during these times both to maintain their population, as
well as afford us more intestinal balance.

So it is important to take a good high-count, multi-strain probiotic during the entire time we are attacking the prostatitis issue.  Since the problem originated in the gut, we need to restore the gut’s balance.  I look for ten or more strains of bacteria in my probiotic, and ultra-high cell counts of 80 billion or more, such as the one from Renew Life found at the link below.

I like the 80 billion count because it is substantial while not being extremely gargantuan, and I take up to three of these a day during the first few weeks of rebuilding the intestinal ecology.

Renew Life also has a product called “CandiZyme” which uses enzymes to “eat away” the candida shell.  I feel it’s extremely important to take the probiotic and silver with this method, since we need to then kill off the candida while it’s being eaten away at and weakened, and the probiotic can also do some of that job while it’s rebalancing the colon’s ecosystem.

The enzyme and probiotic products are here:

Be prepared after using the enzymes and probiotics for long fecal matter…long pieces of feces that can even be accompanied by the pellets associated with constipation…as a sign that it’s doing it’s job.  You may not experience this, but I personally did, and it’s a great indication that a whole heck of a lot of candida/crap is being killed off and eliminated.

I prefer this combination over the Syntol line that is using the questionable B. subtilis strain of bacteria, which Renew Life does not.  Still too much controversy with using that strain of bacteria, and I personally have not had any good experiences with it (although other people seem to have been ok with it).

I also like to add in a spoonful of my favorite raw coconut oil, two to three times daily…the healthy fats are great for energy (among a huge host of other benefits) and is also proven to help kill fungus in the gut.  (Use it topically for psoriasis as well…2 to 3 times a day, rubbed on, and the psoriasis will likely be gone within a month…proving that this “medical enigma” is yet another form of fungal infection).

As you progress, you will help yourself find what dosage is tolerable based on how much
herxing you are dealing with in conjunction with hints of relief. More and more relief
should come over time, as it did with me as long as the issue is tackled through a combined approach of local and systemic health (gut and blood, since a fungal issue in the prostate likely originated in the gut, breached the gut lining via leaky gut, and found via the blood stream a new home in the prostate).

And once the gut is in better balance, we can also supplement with glutamine to help restore the gut’s integrity, and reduce the problems associated with leaky gut which are just rampant these days.

This is a long-term effort, but the first signs of
relief come along relatively quickly and patience is in order as some of the symptoms
also return while we get through this. One to two months seems to be the time frame
where consistent relief comes about and can be maintained with smaller doses of the products.

You will have to determine for yourself how aggressively to proceed. Flare-ups may
come from time to time, but can be beaten back down with a mini-version of the above
detox/cleanse and silver-allicin hit. It’s a good idea in the beginning to knock down as
much of this problem as possible so that as much of the pathogen is destroyed as
possible. Unfortunately, with fungus in particular, it’s almost impossible to completely get
rid of by today’s standards of anti-yeast/fungus programs. BUT…it *IS* entirely manageable,
and to the point of total…or near-total…return to quality of life.

And that can mean the world between suffering and happiness.

THE SILVER. This is the deeply penetrating silver that saved my butt.  There are two forms of silver that I promote as part of my health materials, the only two I have found in 25 years of trying various silvers that actually work, and this is the powerful one that has incredible testing behind it, including huge effectiveness against candida, the likely cause of fungal prostate issues, and worked a near-miracle in my life.  It is extremely powerful, and I would never use more than one spray at a time as I worked my way up, to help manage herxing.  It comes with zeolite, the highest quality zeolite I have ever come across, which is an important element to couple with the silver due to its ability to grab the toxins released as fungus is killed, and escort them out of the body as it’s sole function IN the body.  This product combo is one of, if not “the” world’s most powerful anti-pathogen powerhouse.  I think the reason it is hardly ever heard of or known about is due to the effectiveness it holds.  It has the ability to wipe out the pharmaceutical industry easily.  Read more about it on the manufacturer’s website at  You can’t purchase it there…it is only available through practitioners such as at Rockwell via the picture below…but at least you can see all the studies that have been done proving what an amazing product combo this is (and SO affordable for what it does!!).

When you click on the link below to order, you also receive 15 minutes free consultation with the nutritionists at the Rockwell site.  It took me three years to find a company that I felt good about referring you to.  You may be able to find the product for $5 less elsewhere, but you will miss out on a free consultation.  Please note that the nutritionists are not familiar with my approach and cannot comment on it; instead utilize them for any other questions you may have about the use of the product, they’re wonderful, knowledgeable people.  Your purchase from the picture below also helps support my efforts and enables me to provide you with the free information you are learning from right now.  Without product purchase support, it makes maintaining these free-access pages you are benefiting from impossible:


(the latter of the two silvers at the bottom of the page, “Total Body Detox,” with the zeolite)

THE ALLICIN, known as “Alli-C”. Always type in my branding, facelessfatloss, into
the coupon code for a discount on any/all their products at, including
the topical magnesium (amazing for stress/pain relief among countless other benefits
such as anti-calcification).  The Alli-C is also great for fighting the co-UTI condition that comes
with yeast die-off. This is a great company that cares about people as much as the silver
folks do. They are heavily involved in helping people in all sorts of ways: (always put my name, facelessfatloss, in the coupon code
for discounts on everything from them…I believe they’ve moved the Alli-C under their “products” tab).

My program at was developed almost solely based on my
prostatitis condition. Through establishing a new lifestyle in detoxification, exercise, and
proper food choices, I was able to get the body you see in my public videos and pictures.
I never used to look like this, with the chiseled abs and low body fat, and it all came
about as a result of the terrible suffering I endured for so long.

So a great deal of the info in that program teaches all about my immense findings. I
thought I knew a great deal about health and nutrition until prostatitis hit me, and
disabled me for as long as it did. Pain…especially in our groin…is a GREAT motivator.
I was FORCED to find solutions, or else deal with crying every day of my life from the
pain this condition brought me. (I was literally weeping almost every day; anus burning,
testicle pain, perineum/prostate pain, along with several other symptoms, that won’t go
away, will tend to do that to a guy). I was living a life of bodily torture every waking

You are of course not required to buy the program…but if you would like to consult with
me on the issue of prostatitis, I *will* do so for free for the first few questions…but
beyond that, I would really appreciate a donation offered in any amount you can afford. I
lost my entire nest egg trying to get better, and it was not a large nest egg to begin with.
My hope for owning my first home was taken from me, and I’m still not in the vicinity of
getting those hopes back financially. I tell you this simply so that you will understand:
My desire to help you is sincere, and I *will* help in any way I can. Just please be
conscious of my own personal time constraints and please consider donations in
exchange in any sized amount, especially if you do well financially. My financial
condition has never been one of comfort, and we all know how bad the economy is these
days. And the few product credits I do receive above are very very tiny percentages of
the overall sales (5% to 10% max).

In the meantime, some more notes and things to be aware of:

If you find as I have that your condition is largely due to fungus/candida/yeast, do not under-estimate the value of still-sweating.  As in sitting still in preferably a dry sauna (though a wet sauna is fine if it’s all you have access to).  When we’re sitting up on that upper level in a sauna, we’re going to be dripping sweat right out of our buttocks region, near the prostate.  I use one frequently, and have found when I have a minor relapse, that a redness forms at the bottom of my buttocks indicative of an infection leaving my body.  You’ll understand when it happens to you.  You may even experience athlete’s foot, while never touching the floor of the locker-room, sauna, etc with your bare feet, while wearing sandals.  I attribute this to again, gravity escorting fungus out of my system via sweat pooling where I’m sitting, and where I’m standing.  A candida doctor expert believes sweating is crucial, and not optional, to ridding the body of fungus, which is likely what prostatitis is the vast majority of the time.  And I agree with him completely.  It increased my results dramatically when I sat and sweat six days a week.  Most local YMCA’s have saunas.

Consider getting the silver/mercury amalgam fillings out of your mouth. Do not use
porcelain…use the composite alternatives, or, if you’re in Mexico, seek out the new
crystal fillings, they are “the” amazing new alternative.

Consider stopping the use of fluoridated toothpastes. I use the topical magnesium oil
from magnesoothe above as my toothpaste. I just spray it on my brush and teeth. Makes
my teeth rock-hard and shiny.

I also use the “MagneCharge” as my under arm deodorant, a fresh, minty scent that
is the very best natural deodorant on the market that not only works very well, smells
great, but gives the awesome added bonus of supplemental magnesium, which Dr. Dean
and Dr. Sircus claim we are almost ALL deficient in. The stress relief magnesium
supplies alone is SO worth it, and it is also a fantastic pain reliever.

Experiment with gluten, dairy, and all refined sugar/flour elimination.  If one IS dealing with a fungal infection, it becomes imperative that all sources of sugars and grains/flours be eliminated for a solid two month or more, along with dairy.  These foods feed fungal conditions.  Fresh fruits tend to be ok, just not in huge quantity, and I’d personally avoid oranges and blueberrys for a time.  Go organic-or-better always, or “Certified Naturally Grown,” and try to stick to non-gmo foods.

Be aware of ALL medications you are taking.  Antihistamines and decongestants often contain ingredients that can lead to prostate problems.  There is often a warning on the label regarding prostate concerns, but I personally feel they all should be avoided completely, as should in my opinion all drugs of all kinds whenever possible.  There are great alternatives to managing the symptoms that these drugs are used for found all over this site.

Spring water when ever possible, avoid tap water. The toxins found in today’s municipal
water supplies are absolutely disgusting…antibiotic residue, hormones, fluoride, etc. as
referenced above.  The amount of clean water you take in is *directly* proportional to
your degree of suffering. People under estimate the assistance clean water can provide.
More water, especially during a detox, equates to LESS SUFFERING…PERIOD.  At a bare minumum, half your weight in ounces of clean spring water daily.

Avoid withholding ejaculations or other pelvic exercises. The tensing and flexing of this
area is not conducive to prostate health…relation of the area, and various stretches, are
found to be preferred according to the Headache in the Pelvis protocols.

Consider natural anti-inflammatory options for BPH-type symptoms and urgency.
Turmeric (is fantastic), clean, high-quality fish oils, systemic enzymes (another biggie)
and the MSM are all fantastic options. I used the popular prescription BHP drug for a
month, and when I went off it…I could no longer urinate. Hence the catheter experience
referenced above.

Three “last but definitely not leasts” supplements that I believe are crucial to recovery:

Iodine.  I use nascent iodine and would encourage you to search this out yourself.  I am personally taking about ten drops worth a day, which amounts to 2000mcg worth, and have been told by an alternative doctor I can actually go to 15 drops (on my skin) TWICE a day for pathogen issues.  Some cancer protocols apparently go even higher. Important: I made sure I started out very slow, it’s important with iodine because of how it impacts bromide in the body, displacing it, and can (and likely will) cause kidney discomfort (middle-back) as the body re-learns how to use something it is deficient in.  Taking a little bit of crystal salt and lots of water, along with a reduction in iodine supplementation, reduced this burden and kidney sensation that I experienced.

The reason I’m adding info on iodine in is that I’ve always used iodine, it’s a part of my FacelessFatloss program as one of these sorely neglected nutrients that is doing a world of good for lots of folks.  The difference is, I have never experimented with higher doses until now, and I appear to be achieving only great results.  Some people ARE sensitive to iodine, and some need their levels checked monthly when experimenting with high doses.  As with any supplement, it should be tested out SLOWLY, and iodine certainly fits that category.  Taking too much too soon can result in problems, it needs to be built-up according to my research and experience.  I used to put drops directly on my neck/thyroid, but now I place them on my arms and legs instead, close to my joints.  The iodine I use can be found in a picture ad to the right of this page.

Zinc.  Don’t undervalue it as I have.  I just take the amount on the label of a liquid version of zinc.  A good quality zinc will have copper added to it, as zinc supplementation without it may cause copper deficiencies.  Reasons for zinc focus on an enhanced immune system (and it’s particularly important for fungus, some theories suggest candida/fungus cannot be completely controlled WITHOUT zinc) and the prostate requires a lot of zinc, especially due to ejaculation.  The problem…it causes nausea readily.  I have learned to time my taking of it to about a half hour after just a bit of food intake…followed by a bit more food.  Then the stomach upset occurs only briefly and is tolerable.

Undecenoic Acid: After using it to help with systemic fungus, I realized it may have been an important factor in reducing my prostate symptoms even further, possibly to the point of feeling zero discomfort.  It’s a neat little fatty acid that fungus eats, but when it does so, it reverts the fungus back into its yeast cell form, with a weakened cell wall at that…making it possible for the immune system to manage it.  A unique approach in this regard, practiced by a Dr. McCombs on the west coast.  Instead of killing the fungus; we can force it to retract into a more manageable form.  This is where fighting candida/fungus may not be solely about avoiding sugars that the fungus feeds on, but also the fats that help form it’s cell wall.  I like to use this supplement on its own, without food for 20 minutes or more afterwards, hoping the fungus will feed upon it first and foremost as a food source that will in turn weaken its cell wall.  It seems to be most helpful for me when I use it this way, and it seems to make sense.  For this reason, if a fungus infection is present, dietary fat intake needs to be reduced and watched during times of pain.

For those who are fairly certain they’re dealing with a fungal issue, and that perhaps it is extending outside the prostate area (or not extending) please read my entire candida approach page at the link below to further research what I have done to contend with my issues.  It is extensive regarding my overall approach.  Supplements listed above can also be found there:

And for those interested in pursuing the calcium/nanobacteria issue, a short report I wrote
on it elsewhere…


Calcification is theorized to be the build up of what alternative researchers call
“nanobacteria.” It is a heavily debated concept, but the theory goes that the calcium
build-up we experience is actually a form of bacteria, 1000x’s smaller than normal
bacteria, that adapted to antibiotics by forming a calcium “shell” around their bodies
making penetration of the medication to kill them very difficult. Certain antibiotics, such
as doxycycline and tetracycline, are also “chelators,” in that they can wash the calcium
shell off the bacteria, and then kill the underlying bacteria itself. The disadvantage to
using them is that in the process of attacking the nanobacteria, they destroy our gut flora
and therefore our immune system. Antibiotics should be used only under emergency
conditions. There are far safer and more effective anti-pathogens available today.


1. Therapeutic sized dosages of MSM. Up to sixteen grams max per day, may cause
some gas. I cycle four grams regularly. Topical DMSO (consider, a
great pain reliever, also gives this result since the two are directly related to each other
from a molecular standpoint. DMSO is a powerful delivery mechanism; be mindful of
what is mixed with or touches the product when applied topically…it will go into the
body with the DMSO.

2. EDTA suppositories. A bit expensive, but an effective anti-calcification route that
works when coupled with garlic/allicin (allicin is the active molecule in garlic). Insert in
rectum every other night, acts similar to an IV drip of EDTA. Must have a clean
intestinal tract and clean diet, drinking plenty of spring water,
and taking a “zeolite” supplement, such as found in the Total Body Detox above, which binds and traps heavy metals that the EDTA will also loosen. Zeolite itself may act as an anti-calcification agent when its an issue in
the body. EDTA will loosen heavy metals when it loosens calcium. Those heavy metals
need to be trapped and escorted from the body to avoid them being displaced to other
parts of the body. Extra crystal salt should be consumed at this time, or any mineral-rich
food supplement to replace minerals that EDTA may extract inadvertently. A good
whole food supplement can offer the minerals needed, and extra supplementation of the
whole food product should be taken (many green powders exist on the market, my
favorite is from Dr. Webster at If you choose to
purchase from, put my name, facelessfatloss, in the coupon code for discounts on any
product). EDTA needs to be combined with garlic/allicin, such as the Alli-C product
from (also get discounts on their products when you enter my
name, facelessfatloss, in their coupon code) in order for the EDTA to work efficiently.
Allicin itself is yet another chelator, and excellent, safe, healthy anti-pathogen; can even
kill the MRSA bacteria where antibiotics cannot.

3. Supplemental topical magnesium oil is the balance to calcium in the body. Our
magnesium-to-calcium ratios in our bodies, in western society, are way out of balance.
80% of us are deficient in magnesium according to Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Sircus
(both can be found in internet searches and books on this topic). The topical magnesium
available again at (use my name, facelessfatloss, again in the
coupon code for discounts) is a great way to get magnesium into the body quickly and
effectively. Magnesium pills and capsules do not work hardly at all in comparison, and
have the side effect of creating diarrhea. The topical spray-on oils, like the Magnesoothe
and Magnesoothe Max (the latter of which I use as a great deodorant) raise magnesium
levels within one day to six weeks, as compared to two years with oral magnesium
supplementation. This balances the magnesium-to-calcium ratio in the body, can’t be
over dosed on, and has all sorts of added benefits such as pain relief, stress relief, and
feelings of well-being while deterring continued calcification in the body.


If I was new to this condition and looking for a starting point, these are the items I would get from the above list as starting point essentials:

-The Total Body Detox silver/zeolite

-The Enzymes and Probiotics (loading up on the latter, 3 per day)

-Nascent Iodine




If enough results did not come from the above, I would unquestionably be exploring the rest of the options one at a time or in combination.


My opinion on MMS as referenced in a 2009 video of mine is as follows:  “Yes,” it is a toxin to the body.  The chlorine itself can add to the body’s halide load.  Antibiotics are “toxic” as well.  All of them without exception destroy healthy microbes in the body by default.  I also do not feel MMS is effective against fungal/candida issues.  I personally have not used MMS in years and would not use it again *unless* I had dire need.  Given the choice, I would choose MMS over antibiotics without hesitation.  I have enough experience with it to know the side effects are more tolerable for me using MMS over antibiotics, which basically semi-destroyed my body.

Dietary oxalate: A focus of mine since early 2013, as a counterpart to candida.  Managing my oxalate load, which I cover elsewhere in my materials, has unquestionably contributed to enhanced prostate health.  You can find more info about that on my YouTube channel in the video series devoted to prostatitis and prostate health.

I am considering writing a book on this entire topic that I will make available on Amazon by Spring of 2014.


The reader has unlimited permission to pass this guide along to others under the conditions that it not be altered or edited in any way, and that my information is included below. 

Tim Ritter
Copyright 2014 FacelessFatloss