And the Journey Continues:

Hey there, this is Tim Ritter of Faceless Fat Loss:

Very few videos released of late, but I am still in the game, and living the lifestyle.  I will be trying to get a new video out by year-end on the FacelessFatloss channel, but much of my effort now is going into a new youtube channel, that will be publicized soon.  It is already up and running, already a few videos made, it’s just a matter of editing and uploading them, and then letting everyone know.

The focus will be on the underlying efforts I’ve made with the fat loss effort since early 2008 on youtube; that of helping people simply with “life”…in a bunch of areas including weight loss and fitness, but also venturing into more exploratory areas.  My whole life has been about self-improvement, and it is in this area that people respond the most to my youtube efforts on the whole.

The videos will have a different vibe to them, as I’d like to bring out a lot more “me”; humor and perhaps amp up the controversy in some areas as my fat loss efforts have already done.  There remains no shortage of people on youtube more than willing to challenge me, and even outright hate me, so I say: “Bring ’em on.”  

It is my hope that the content I provide will be of higher quality than you’ve seen in the past, and more fun, yet equally informative and hopefully even more engaging.  I have decided at this point that I may choose to not have the channel monetized at all, at least for a while.  But, I will also be making it abundantly clear that the efforts on youtube are designed to help me increase my income…a hot topic for many, that I will address loudly and clearly on that channel, because it absolutely needs to be addressed.  Both for my sake and yours.  

The channel will most certainly be underway Spring 2017.  I will let you know about it on the FacelessFatloss channel as soon as I can. 

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