Most who follow my work as the “Faceless Fatloss” guy never, of course, get to see my face.  The focus has been on my body as a way of showing the results of what I do to maintain my physique, year after year.

My approach has always been “heath first.”  The body followed, and with the health-first focus, kept my body as you see it all this time.  It is through that lifestyle change only, that the body fat levels remain at a healthy low, and the appearance is maintained.

Another side benefit of this way of life is clear skin.  I rarely to never get acne, and when I do, it is almost always due to a deliberate pathogen disabling and detoxification (which holds a key, by example, as to how a great many forms of acne can be resolved since I can CAUSE acne to happen during any serious anti-pathogen/detox effort).

This lead to the need to help as many people as I can, especially younger people, with what I feel are extremely powerful, safe and effective ways to help resolve their acne issues, or at least get them under much greater control.

Anyone who has studied this area knows that the causes seem to relate to either pathogens (the main focus is always bacteria, even though I personally believe fungus can be a huge factor) or hormonal.

What is interesting in the latter case is that I personally know someone who uses hormones to help deal with excessive feminine bleeding (it is a form of birth control) who has suffered with somewhat severe acne, but who, once she went on a couple of the anti-pathogen protocols that I’ve used, achieved amazing results in a huge drop in acne issues with her skin.


I want to cut to the chase with this and give everyone what I feel are extremely effective remedies to this issue, without the need for drugs (especially antibiotics, which as anyone full well knows who’s studied my material in the past I am very…VERY much against) and with no discernible side effects, and nothing but benefits.

The things that have worked like crazy to resolve acne, and even the very common herpes that about 90% of people get on their lips (the common “cold sore”) are as follows:

-Clean eating and clean water

-Anti-pathogens like silver or MMS

-Blood cleaning


The above four components have been amazing for me.


For me, this more than anything boiled down to meats.  Any/all form of pig (pork is especially horrible for my skin) and cow meat, most likely due to the hormones and antibiotics used for most cows.  I could not encourage people enough to limit meats to perhaps only poultry if they are a meat-eater, and experiment closely with all forms of meat and dairy to determine how it affects them.  Do not take this topic lightly; get serious about a systematic elimination of specific foods in your diet to help determine how they are affecting you.  People, including myself, have often found that an allegedly “healthy” food can affect us in ways that create all sorts of unwanted symptoms from acne to outright pain.  Do not underestimate how foods can and do affect us.  If you are not used to eating clean whole foods, or are new to this way of life, see my materials throughout the site and in my Faceless Fatloss program for all the info you need to get you started.  It is not optional if you are struggling with acne. 

On the issue of water, spring water is our best option.  We need to get in at least a couple tall glasses worth a day, and more when we use the sauna for still-sweating, a crucial part of getting rid of this issue.


I have always chosen to use safe anti-pathogens as my way of managing acne.  For the record, 90% of the time my face is completely clear.  I again attribute this to an on-going clean eating and “pathogen management” system that I’ve developed for myself, and that others have learned from and modified for their own use.  I use the most awesome silver supplements on the market, that work and are safe, have used them for many years, and have provided huge acne relief for myself and others via both sublingual use (under the tongue) and spot-topical application directly on the pimple itself.  The stuff just plain works, and can be found under the “Must Supplements” tab above.

I and others have also had success with MMS, otherwise known as Jim Humbles “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” but I do not actively promote it and encourage everyone to research it carefully before use.  It is controversial, but I and countless others have used it for relatively long periods of time with no discernible side effects and nothing but benefits.  The impact it can have on acne can be very powerful.  I know a woman who used it to reduce her severe acne way way down.  Some people feel it can greatly amplify the effect of the above silver, due to the oxygenation properties involved.  In my opinion, it is an amazing supplement, but should be used only as needed and briefly, since the western medical establishment refuses to study it enough to find out what it can do and what if any complications may be involved in its use.  It is my opinion it won’t be studied because it is very inexpensive, and there is no money in selling it for the larger corporations to profit from.  Jim Humble makes miraculous claims about it, and I have no comment on what he says, I can only comment on my use of it; it increased my energy, unquestionably had a positive impact on my pathogen load, and when compensating with an anti-oxidant, such as vitamin C to help counter any potential free radical condition, seems to be safe and effective.


Another controversial area, but one I have experience in so I will report on.  I do not sell the Sota units, so I can explain my experiences with them but will not make any claims.  There is no question that using one can affect acne.  The first side effect I get from using one, after not using one for more than a couple weeks…is minor acne.  This is VERY telling.  What is happening?  It is my assumption that the minor bit of electricity entering my blood stream with this device is affecting my pathogen load in such a way that the bugs are looking for a way to escape.  The skin is a primary route for any bugs and/or detoxification, such as heavy metals or fungus.  It is believed that the blood cleaning impacts ALL pathogens; bacteria, virus and fungus alike.  This is pretty amazing when you think about it, and Bob Beck also made grand grand claims about what this approach is capable of doing.  Please research his name and his protocol for more.

The units are about $250.00 USD as of mid-2012, and last many years, if not a lifetime.  When used with colloidal silver and the Beck protocol…it seems to have miraculous results in all sorts of areas of illness.

If I’m breaking out each time…then with continued and increasing use, along with some daily sweating…is that not very telling about what the core causes of acne may be for many people?

Perhaps it IS bacterial in origin for many…but perhaps it is ALSO fungus.  And if it is the latter, antibiotics certainly will not HELP for that condition AND…will only serve to make it worse.  Antibiotics exasperate all fungus conditions.


Do NOT under-estimate this.

Dry sauna sweating is the way to go.  Note that I am not talking about exercise-based sweating.  The mechanisms and results of activity-based sweating and still sweating are very different.  We need the still-sweating.  15 minutes or more in a dry sauna.  Drink clean spring water before and after (don’t bring it in with you unless it’s in glass…plastic leeches in that heat and plastics are a HUGE toxicity issue for us all).

Then immediately shower afterwards.

Even embedded pimples that have left a bump for a period of time will, over the course of a few days to a few weeks, gradually reduce in size and be excreted from the skin.  So much so, that they will simply be “gone,” (at least that’s what I experienced). 

Sweating has other benefits too, such as being another effective way among several of promoting on-going detoxification of our entire body, so I encourage you to find a dry sauna (most cities have them, especially at local YMCA’s or other gyms) and spend the membership fee, which is usually reasonable, to take advantage of what still-sweating has to offer you.

If you are new to it, I do have a video or two on it; you want to sit on the upper-most deck portion of the sauna (heat rises) and you can wear what you like (don’t go in nude with only a towel as we often see in advertisements; most establishments require swimsuits or more as appropriate attire).  I wear just my shorts and sandals.  Sandals are very important to protect the feet from fungus exposure.  Once you’ve had a fungus infection on your feet you learn the hard way to make sure your feet do not ever again touch the floor of the locker room or other places.  Although the sauna will be between 160 and 180 F in most cases, I still prefer to keep my feet covered on the bottom, as most other people do as well (and as a side note, these temperatures are often too hot and uncomfortable for people to touch with their bare skin regardless).