You Can’t “Cure” ANYTHING

As a long-term student of law, politics, economics and commerce, I came to learn and understand things about the nature of “what is really going on” that shocked me to the core, especially upon delving deep enough.

What I learned goes so far down the rabbit hole, that I am literally frightened to discuss the deeper aspects of what I learned.

I am not talking about anything esoteric, religious or spiritual here, even though I personally believe that there is a relationship among all things, as our modern quantum physics seems to suggest.

What I’m instead talking about is simply the “system” that we all participate in, on a day to day basis, and how what we’re all very accustomed to and take for granted has a modus operondi that goes beyond most people’s understanding, and most importantly, most people’s willingness to understand.

We live in a monetary world.  What this means goes far deeper than the lay person will ever understand unless a lot of initiative and driving interest, brings that person to the answers they seek.

Without going into a lot of detail, nor into the depths of this because I simply will not, our world’s system of money is based entirely on a debt cycle, with interest attached to this money, making this debt cycle something that must, by design, continue to be perpetuated, in order for it to “work.”

The only problem with this interest-based debt cycle, is that someone…at some point…has to lose.

Think this is not related to health and wellness?

Think again.

It is INTIMATELY intertwined.

As a very easy starter explanation:

Our debt system loans out ten dollars to person number one, at ten percent interest.

That means that when the loan is due, that person will owe eleven dollars total.

To help perpetuate this money system, another person is loaned another ten dollars again, at that same interest rate.  Owing again, eleven in total.

Then a third person with the same scenario.

This puts thirty dollars into circulation.

And requires thirty three dollars to be returned to the loaners.

How is each of these three people going to pay back that additional dollar, that ten percent in interest, if only thirty dollars are even in circulation to begin with?

One of these parties has to lose.

OR, more money has to be loaned out.

Of course, the scale of this has grown to monumental proportions, to the tune of many trillions of dollars in the world now.

But do you see how it can only work when debt is continually put into circulation?

This is an extremely simplistic way of teaching how the monetary system works.  There are aspects of this simple forumla that can be expanded upon ad nauseum, that end up doing little more than teach you about a very complicated, yet clearly orchestrated…by design…scheme.

As one small example, the very fact that this is “debt,” means that someone always owes someone, something.  There is forever a “debt” to be paid.

Does anyone ever, actually, OWN anything?

If you understood what ownership actually is and means, you would understand that indeed…no one owns anything.  It’s impossible to when you use a “debt” to allegedly “pay” for something else.  The debt instrument you used to begin with does not even belong to you, by the very definition of the fact that it is “debt”…not “money.”

We CALL it “money,” but that does not make it NOT a debt.

Note what your money says right on the bill: “This note is legal tender for all DEBTS (emphasis added) public and private”

Nowhere on it does it claim to be “money.”

Because it is not.

I will not go any deeper into this topic, because it is a vast, never-ending pit of words having definitions from a legal standpoint, that they do not from a lawful standpoint, nor may they from a common vernacular standpoint.

And believe me Alice…that is one HECK of a deep rabbit hole.

Because this is a debt system, it *absolutely depends upon* a constant “flow” of debt, constant movement of credits and debits.

You cannot have that if you’re “curing” things at hospitals…effectively *ending* the cancer “treatment” gravy train.

As a very neat fellow once said, “A patient cured, is a customer lost.”

This is also one reason why the word “cure” cannot be used (one reason among a couple; another being that the legal use of the word is essentially “owned” by the government.  What the government owns, you cannot have, unless you ask permission to instead “borrow” it, just as we do our debt notes).

If cures were found for things such as cancer, it would literally put a gargantuan economic hole in a financial machine that services people with radiation and chemotherapy to the tune of countless billions of dollars per year.

Think about all the people that would lose jobs in the “cancer industry” if a cure was released tomorrow, that enabled people to, perhaps for just a few hundred dollars or more worth of investment into themselves, rid themselves of their disease?

Would YOU want them to lose their jobs?

(That is simply a “food for thought” question, I am expressing NO opinions here whatsoever)

What about the companies that make all the chemotherapy drugs, and those employees?

Or the doctors that diagnose cancers every day of the year as part of their job?

Or the caretaker nurses who administer radiation and/or chemo?

Have you ever wondered why they call “Cancer Treatment Centers” cancer “treatment,” as compared to cancer “cure” centers?

Treating a disease provides a lot of products and services for people to benefit from. 

Perhaps the victim of the cancer benefits…perhaps the victim does not.

And health-related care accounts for approximately one-fifth of the entire economy’s mechanics.  Health “care,” whose financial machine grows like a monster in direct proportion to an ever-increasingly sick society.


Can you see a potential problem happening if 1/5 of the economy was suddenly impacted by a major sector of that 1/5 (the sector relating to cancer treatment) being shut down, because there was no more need for the products or services?

It would create a gargantuan loss of jobs and commerce…all dried up at once.  Countless people out of work due to lack of need for services and product.

What would these people do?

And how would this affect everyone else participating in that same economy, if the number of participants remained the same, but the number of debt instruments (dollars) floating around decreased dramatically due to this “hole” in the economy?

Everyone would be affected to varying degrees.

No opinions expressed here…it’s just the way things are right now, and the more awareness and thought that is placed into the matter, the sooner humanity as a whole can find solutions…perhaps alternative economies…that resolve these complications for everyone. 

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace……………T