Urinary Tract Infections: Natural Relief that WORKS.

I have suffered from severe and lasting UTI’s….it’s not just a female thing, especially for men who have had prostate issues. 

I uploaded a video recently reporting on what I have used since I discovered what worked a bunch of years ago, and one of the participants in the Faceless Fat Loss program joined based on that video alone.

She purchased the supplement, and after finding little solid relief from anything natural, and not wanting to take any more drugs, wrote this to me a short time later:

“Hi Tim,Just wanted to send along an update and a big THANK YOU, I am completely UTI free! 🙂  The allicin really did the trick and I’m so grateful for your advice, many many thanks”……………………Serena, Hawaii

I have been using allicin for my cleanses and for UTI’s, which I’m thankful to say I have not suffered from in years now.  I save the allicin for “as needed,” and find it to be my “go-to” supplement for UTI’s that really works, and works like a charm.  Larger doses may need to be used, but the stuff gets down into the bladder/urethra where it needs to, and does what it’s supposed to do for bacterial OR fungus/yeast issues (the latter of which are an under-diagnosed cause in my opinion).

This specific form of allicin is the only one I will buy.  There are knock-off allicin products out there that have not isolated the molecule properly from garlic, making them almost useless.  I’d know, I’ve tried them.

This allicin is like eating dozens of garlic cloves in one capsule, without any of the stinky side effects, etc.  It’s just one more natural anti-pathogen in our arsenal that is safe, and without any side effects in my experience (and apparently a lot of healthy benefits…a huge number in fact…as you can read at the site below).

The “Alli-C” can be found at the link below.

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