People experience such incredible benefits from using topical magnesium that I hardly know where to start.

For me, the most pronounced benefit I noticed was that of stress relief.  Not just relaxation.  A profound and newly discovered means of managing every single situation I found myself in that would normally produce stress.  It was literally as if I was missing the needed ingredients in my body that enable the body/mind to just naturally adjust to any situation with much much more ease.  This sold me on the supplement quickly, and the range of other benefits, covered extensively by Dr. Sircus and Dr. Dean, also began to fall into place.

I had taken oral magnesium before.  Nothing even came close to these kinds of benefits.

I even notice the benefits degrading if I go for too long without it.  It’s as if a clear sign that my body was depleted of this vital macro mineral for a long long time, and welcomed with open arms its return.

I have found using it as a deodorant to be mostly sufficient to supply my needs.  I am liberal with it, and use it usually more than once a day.  Whoda’ thunk that we would actually…FINALLY…have a deodorant that was NOT toxic for a change, and actually HEALTHY at that?!?!?

I was waiting for YEARS for this product to come along.  I am so happy to be able to pass it along to everyone in my community!

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The Amazon Option; Topical Magnesium Spray

If you prefer shopping at amazon, there is another version of topical magnesium you can try.  I always have a bottle of this on hand, I can get it locally at my health food store but Amazon has it for a buck or two less, even with shipping.  It is not designed to be a deodorant, just a topical supplement instead (and without any added minerals, should that be your preferred gig).  A great, great product, and so affordable: