Some Silly-ness Anyone?

     My health program is something I take very seriously, as you know.

     But there came a point in time since this all started in 2008, that not enough of “me” and the fun I like to have, was being expressed in this effort.  An effort that is really all about what I do to maintain health, fitness and well-being, and who I am as a person.

     A part of “me” is my sense of humor.  Or at least my alleged sense of humor.

     Some like it.

     Some don’t.

     But I’m going to have my fun regardless.  All work and no play makes Tim a dull boy.

     Take my information seriously.  But take a break for some laughter as well.  Please feel free to steal and share ’em.  I hope you enjoy:


meme...women going topless is legal in rochester...suntan-bikini - Copy

Tossed Salad Fat lossUSED.FB.Pin

meme back in court

Sexy Stretching

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Vitamin D Deficient





Effective and Permanent Weight Loss from a ProUSED.FB

Bikini in a junk yard

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Tim Ritter FacelessFatloss

Tim Ritter FacelessFatloss


TimRitterFaceless Fat Loss