If you are currently in discomfort or pain, this page is designed by a person who has dealt with much pain himself, and over many years of struggle and research, has found basic first steps to wellness, that also seem to be fairly universal…useful to most people…to help them recover and regain their quality of life.

PLEASE note: I am a FIRM believer that there ARE ANSWERS TO YOUR SITUATION.

You CAN find relief, and I sincerely believe you WILL if you:

-Are patient with your body and mind
-Maintain an ever-open mind
-Are willing to never stop exploring alternatives, options, and completely new ideas
-understand a lifestyle change is in order, at least for the near-term, and highly likely for the long-term
…are willing to put as much effort as you can muster into focusing on the positive things in life…love, humor, happiness, joy.

You absolutely CAN…and I believe WILL…get better if you study, “become your own authority.”

Accept your condition, knowing that progress will come.  Changing parts of your lifestyle, eating habits, etc are required.  Accept that change, and move forward with your learning curve while implementing what you learn.

That said, here are the things we always address first, and would encourage you to as well.  It has been our experience that these things can help make large strides in the path to wellness:

Our “Illness Checklist” with explanations below:

-Day by Day Diary/Journal
-Pathogen removal and Detox
-Removing poison consumption
-Tending to Oral Health Care
-Tending to gut health
-Water and Mineral-Dense Salt
-Nutritional Requirements


Do NOT underestimate the importance of this!  This is an absolute MUST on your way to recovery.  You will be thanking yourself later that you took the time to keep a journal, if and when symptoms should reappear.

The idea is to keep track of what you’re eating, all supplements you’re taking, and notes as to what kind of symptoms you’re experiencing on a daily basis.  For me, I use a horizontally spiral-bound book, so that I can have a long list in front of me (a “flip-top” style notebook) going back as far as possible if I flip the previous page out on top, looking at the previous days or weeks.  I would then mark on the left side how specific symptoms felt for that day, with a summation at the end of the day based on a point system of one to ten.  The columns down the center and right would keep track of all the supplements I took that day, and the amounts of each.  Then at the bottom, at the end of the day, I’d give a summation and thoughts based what I tried that day and how I feel it may’ve impacted me, as I self-analyzed what I’m doing with how I felt.  

Please use whatever system works for you!  I personally feel the shorter the notes, the better, for ease in reviewing.

But don’t NOT keep a diary/journal, and preferably one where you can easily look back on the previous days and/or weeks to help see how what you’re doing may be impacting your symptoms.  When we are challenged with illness, discomfort and pain, it is often extremely difficult to keep our focus and concentration.  keeping an on-going record will help enormously in this regard, and will help you narrow down what is and is not working.  

For almost all health issues, we like to start with a cleansing fast as described in the FacelessFatloss program.  At the end of the fast, with the re-introduction of foods, one can experiment slowly with foods to see if they have any negative impact on the condition being contended with.

As an example, we would exclude all gluten-containing foods (wheat and most grains except rice) and all dairy for a time, since they are notorious for causing issues with many people.  Then we could slowly, over time, re-introduce some of these foods back in our diet as we get well.  Again, keeping a journal is essential, keeping track of these foods, as effects may be cumulative, and it will help to look back and see what we’re doing differently that may be causing a flare-up of symptoms.

Mistakes may be made along the way, such as assuming that a certain food or supp is causing symptoms, etc.  This is part of the learning process, each of our bodies is a little different and can react differently to different things we put in it.  

This is why we stress “self-authority” so strongly.  Simply, it is REQUIRED in order to help ourselves get better.  Ultimately, no matter who we enlist to help us, it is WE, ourselves, actually making the decisions that we feel may help us most.  When you think about it, no one is ever really making the decisions for you.  Hence our need to have confidence in our own intuition, and our own self-authority.  I strongly believe it is THAT which gets us well the fastest; LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.


Management of pathogens (virus, harmful bacteria, yeast/fungal conditions) along with detoxification becomes the priority, along with elimination of bad habits, new foods/nutrition, and whatever levels of activity we’re capable of managing based on our current condition.

Many people do not yet associate discomfort and/or pain with an “infection.”  In our opinion, approaching the condition from this standpoint too often yields the most successful result.  It appears to be the case, more and more, with almost every condition we contend with, to all to often be the result of a pathogen causing us the symptoms we are feeling, along with the toxin burden that accompanies it.  Very often, even conditions you would never associate with an “infection,” such as joint issues.

If you are willing to explore this option first, you may be surprised to find a great deal of symptom relief, no matter what condition you have been labeled with. 

A beginning point in tackling this issue is with clearing out the colon via a cleansing Master-Cleanse-Style fast covered in the Faceless Fat Loss program, or similar green juice/smoothie fast also covered.  Or some people may be interested in the more controversial hydro-colonic therapies available, though I have never tried them myself there are people who rave about them.  More on the importance of the colon is covered in the “Tending to Gut health” section below.


All smoking, drinking and drugs should be completely eliminated.  All serve to inhibit progress, and are at times the sole cause of what is currently causing our problems.  As to prescription drugs, an alternative and open-minded doctor should be consulted as to whether certain meds can be tapered off and/or hopefully elminated from our lives.  This article is in no way suggesting that medications should be gone off of, as you need to consult with your doctor at all times.  It is merely stating that progress was made by the writer once he stopped taking prescription medications.

Junk foods need to go.  Many people accustomed to the western diet no longer understand how “junk foods” are accurately defined any longer.  For now, we’ll simply refer to foods with excessive sugar (mainly candies, cookies, pastries, desserts, etc) and 90% of restaurant foods.  Fast foods are almost without exception loaded with toxins of various kinds or are using products of such low quality, that little nutrition is derived from the foods themselves.

And particular attention should be paid to all forms of bad fats, especially the oils used in almost all snacking foods and of course trans fats such as the partially or fully hydrogenated oils.  This is a complex subject with a lot of debate continuing about what is and is not a healthy fat.  Many people, including myself, have found that a little bit of saturated fat that can be found in a good quality meat (I eat only bison or poultry with occasional shrimp as my sole sources of meat) is necessary for optimal endocrine system function, and that the addition of just a little unprocessed (or cold-pressed) coconut oil, perhaps a little of a clean (certified heavy-metal free) cod liver oil as a daily supplement, and organic avocados (just half of a whole one with crystal salt daily) as my sources of fat are the best options.  It is being discovered that all other forms of fat and/or simply *excessive consumption* of fats are creating a disservice to someone who is in chronic pain, in that they may be “clogging up” our blood and lymph in such a way as to stunt progress at the cellular level.  Look at the oils all over our processed food choices: olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower, safflower, soybean, palm, and canola oils, and also pay attention to their inclusion in the milk-alternative drinks found in the health food section.  Read ingredient labels.  You will find that oils are used everywhere.  It is the opinion of this author that this is one of several core causes of disease.

On this same topic, it is being discovered but still under-researched that these fats are what are in large part causing insulin resistance in overweight people, making it difficult for the insulin receptors on our cells to operate efficiently due to too much “oil in the machine.”  To make an even further impression in this regard, I personally found that the total elimination of what little “healthy snacks” I was eating that contained oils in their cooking process brought my pain-elimination-progress even further.  I now consume just about no snack foods outside of actual produce, such as whole food fruit from the produce section.  I reserve snack foods to special occasions/holidays only.

I may expand on the topic of fats alone in the near future due to how important their near-elimination is during times of pain, and can then be gradually incorporated back into the diet in higher amounts once pain is controlled and be used as an alternative energy source along with healthy carbohydrates.

The program is a great start in the right direction in a anti-pathogen detoxification method as well as healthy food starts covering the above topics in much greater detail.


The mouth is being found to be the home of embedded infections that we are discovering “go systemic.”  Meaning, a specific form of pathogen…bacteria, virus or fungi…embedded in the gums, in a root canal, etc. in the form of a festering infection can be found in other parts of the body as well, causing further problems, the range of which is endless (heart problems, organ issues, arterial issues, prostate, etc…you name it.).  

Two main issues: the mercury-amalgam (or other metal) fillings, and the root canal issue.

There is a huge load of information online about the mercury amalgam fillings, with possible mercury toxicity issues.  Conveniently, we have not found clear-cut research showing that the fillings are causing a systemic toxicity issue.  BUT, the lack of this information is not surprising; with the amount of environmental mercury we are now exposed to by default, thanks to the burning of coal for fuel, new household lighting technology, etc around the world makes determining WHERE mercury toxicity is truly originating from a near-impossiblity.  This of course is a great relief to the dental establishment as well as the companies that produce the metals used to fill cavities.

What rings true for us, is simply the idea that a heavy metal, in the mouth where sublingual absorption happens via the glands, poses what has to be a common-sense concern.  Everything in the mouth, such as through chewing and drinking processes, enters the blood stream in tiny amounts.  A great example is the anti-pathogens we use such as the colloidal or ionic silver products, that unquestionably enter the bloodstream through the mucos membranes of the mouth as the effects are clearly experienced when doing so.  Countless other sublingual-absorption substances also prove this out, such as sublingual B12, and D3.  People can feel and experience the effects from taking substances in this way.  This is also a common route of entry for several recreational drugs (none of which, of course, would this site ever endorse).  Point being, the body can and does absorb directly through the mouth.

So instead of trying to “prove” that the metals in the mouth may be causing electrical disturbances, or that the entry of the allgedly inert metals into the bloodstream may or may not happen, and/or may or may not be harmful, we instead rely on our intuition in this case that tells us that having heavy metals in our bodies, likely is not healthful, and since everyone is affected in different ways, may be very hurtful to some people, while seeming to impact others in only minimal ways.

The world is so full of these kinds of substances being used now in people’s mouths, that we may have no way of knowing how they are affecting different people in different ways, nor…unfortunately…how much healthier humanity may be as a whole, had they never been used in the first place.

That said, if you believe removal is a smart option for you, we encourage you to research safe removal practices.  Our dentist uses two forms of suction, one hook-style air suction that goes in the mouth near the removal, and a large hose that is up above the mouth capturing any other vapors that escape.  He also uses a dental dam, and makes sure that only the tooth being operated on is exposed, and that the rest of the plastic dam literally covers half the person’s face or more; over their nose and eyes.  Some dentists even use a source of oxygen that is affixed to the person’s nose.  

It is then important that the patient him/her self use their own chelation program; any kind of protocol designed to grab and escort heavy metals from the body, for the following week or two to ensure any inadvertent exposure is tended to.  For this, we like to use a good quality zeolite product as a top pick.  Zeolite is proven to have a huge affinity for the worst of the heavy metals, mercury being one of it’s favorites.  It’s cage-like structure, once absorbed in the body (often, again, absorbed sublingually via a spray) magnetically attracts and binds these metals, enabling them to NOT be redistributed to other parts of the body, and instead, taken out of the body via the urine.

A new technique being used is to NOT actually escavate out the amalgam filling, but to instead, drill out the surrounding TOOTH area that it borders.  This way…and we happen to think this is an ideal new approach…the amalgam filling remains undisturbed, and can be removed from the mouth with minimal to no exposure to the patient and dentist.

The next point would be the root canal issue.

It is unfortunate that the root canal, an operation that we all hoped would help save our teeth, is becoming the “root” cause (pun, we need just a little humor 😉 of too many potential problems.  I would encourage everyone to listen to Dr. Levy, a great vitamin C expert, who explains quite clearly and in laymans terms how this kind of excavation into a tooth leaves a very unnatural condition in the body whereby normal blood flow is now unable to reach an area where infestation from microbes becomes likely.  This festering infection can in turn find its way INTO the system (the rest of the body), but the immune system can’t as readily find it’s way INTO the source of the infection (to relieve the infection) itself due to lack of blood flow.

When this happens, it creates a huge antioxidant burden on the body due to the free radical condition it constantly perpetuates.  Any antioxidants the person ingests, such as vitamin C or the many others be it food sources or otherwise, get “used up” quickly in an effort to contend with the never-ending free radical machine that one (or more) focal infection(s) causes, as it then travels around the body making other problems.

It’s our understanding that many dentists are now using a new form of digital xray to help identify these embedded infections, and are apparently safer from a radiation perspective than the standard xray machines.

It seems like there isn’t much along the lines of healthy alternatives, but some of the authors of this website have chosen removals over root canals, and removable bridges to fill the gap as the safest alternative.  The jury is still out on the titanium-based screw implants (although some of us use titanium metal technologies for holistic health purposes, so perhaps we’ll discover that titanium makes a safe and healthy alternative metal for implant applications).

We would love to be able to keep our teeth, but once enough pain and discomfort is experienced in the body, or we’re being faced with a heart condition, cancer, etc…whose root cause may be an oral infection due to a root canal…the choice sometimes becomes obvious.  And once that problem is removed from the body, other options exist for us, such as suggested in other parts of this site, that can much more easily help rid us of the remaining infection and build our immune system back up to peak performance. 

Some rare dentists will use an IV of sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) in large dosages to help the patient’s body deal with both any potential toxin, pathogen, inflammation and free-radical load the patient experiences as a result of the surgery.  We hope that more dentists will consider utilizing this option, as it appears to greatly reduce the patients recovery time post-op, as long as understanding how to use large doses of vitamin C safely is understood by both the doctor and the patient.

For brushing teeth, we love to use our raw coconut oil and aluminum-free baking soda as our toothpaste (using the soda just a couple times a month to reduce abrasion). 


Many alternative researchers believe that the gut, home to over 80% of our immune system, is where the origin of most of our problems begin.  I share this belief, based on my own experience.  Therefore, if our gut is out of balance, and our immune system is compromised, we will be contending with what may amount to a constant, on-going, “re-infecting” of ourselves and be forever fighting off symptoms, instead of removing the core cause.

This concept is still not readily embraced by western medicine, but all it takes from anyone is a little common sense and study of the idea to show how potentially viable it is.  Our GI tract is the entrance and exit of our food and liquid intake.  If we are putting any pathogens or toxins into this environment, and doing so often and repeatedly, it’s only a matter of time before some of these pass the built-in protections that are being compromised by it daily, and then in turn, end up affecting us either in our gut directly, or systemically with a whole host of potential problems.

It is also my opinion that this may be the partial origin of some of our “auto-immune” diseases.  The “auto-immune” concept seems to have originated in western medicine, as a concept of explaining an unknown reason for our immune system to be attacking our seemingly healthy cells.  It is my speculation, and that of others, that perhaps the “healthy” cells that are being attacked by aspects of our immune system are actually infected cells…with intracellular infections that the immune response is attempting to eradicate…and is attempting to eradicate that infection by attacking a pathogen that is *inside* the seemingly healthy cell, and perhaps also not readily measurable.

If whatever this intracellular pathogen is originates from the gut, breaches the gut’s barrier and travels throughout the body looking for a new cellular host, then without tackling the origin of the pathogen, perhaps in the gut, we will only have ourselves a forever-perpetuating opportunistic pathogen multiplying itself and finding new homes.

This is where digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, and especially probiotics come into play, to work synergistically together to both control yeast and fungal imbalances, as well as feed the gut with healthy bacteria that control the same and other opportunistic microbes.


A great site listed in the references below will give you a ton more info on this topic.

In the meantime, we all know our bodies are water, and depend upon water for survival.

What people too often do not realize, is that as we’re detoxing, and attempting to get well, THE AMOUNT OF CLEAN WATER WE DRINK CAN DIRECTLY CORRELATE TO THE AMOUNT OF DISCOMFORT WE FEEL.

It is THAT important.

In other words, the MORE water you take in during your journey back to health, the faster results will tend to come and the less discomfort you will feel in the process.

The KEY is to be conscious of the kind of water you’re drinking.  Any kind of water IS better than none, but we personally never drink tap water any longer due to excessive chlorine and fluoride exposure. 

Here in America, we are subjected to heavy chlorination, and worse…fluoridation in most parts of the country, despite plenty of public outcry against it (not enough outcry, which is a bit of a shame…and we’re serious when we suggest that it is the very fluoridation of the water system itself, that keeps public outcry to a minimum.  Fluoride is proven to subdue people’s initiative, and is the chemical foundation of the drug Prozac).

There is only one company we know of that is giving us an optimal form of water, called the “Ecoloblue” system.  It takes water straight from the air, and then draws it through a filtration process.  It’s ideal in being able to avoid the uncertainty of what we’re getting either from the tap or from the bottled water.

As a second best alternative, bottled water is the preferred route.  In hoping that the companies are honest in what they claim they are doing to the water that they are providing, Poland Spring water is a favorite, easily accessible choice as a clean spring water alternative that we’re hoping is only minimally contaminated with purifying chemicals, plastics from the containers, or any other environmental toxins.

We like to add a little bit of Himalayan crystal salt (as compared to sea salt…the higher the altitude the salt is harvested from, the less likely it will contain the contaminants found in so many of our seas now).  This provides us with both the full spectrum of macro and micro minerals that we need for all sorts of crucial cellular processes.  If we needed to depend on just one source of vital minerals for our bodies, it would be the crystal salt in water and as added to our foods as our number one choice.  As a natural mineral source, we have the natural *balance* of minerals as well, so that our bodies will make use of what is needed, while naturally excreting what is not.  Remember that common table salt is simply sodium chloride…it is stripped and devoid of all of the naturally occurring mineral content that our bodies want and need AND assist us with the cellular detoxification process that we will be tending to on our path back to health.


If you are dealing with physical challenges, the least bit of exercise, just getting the blood flowing, moving through the body, assists us in our efforts.  If you are capable of just walking alone, without any other form of exercise, walking is proven to give enormous benefits that will help assist in your efforts.  

We do not want to exercise TOO much during time of illness.  Aggressive exercise taxes the immune system a bit too much, saps us of needed energy and especially nutritional reserves.


When we are dealing with an illness where we’re not entirely sure of the origin, I lean much more towards whole food supplements for nutrition over any isolated vitamins or minerals, with perhaps just an exception or two here and there.

If we can use whole food type supplements, we know our bodies are likely reading them as actual foods, as compared to possibly seeing an isolated nutrient as something it needs to work at to get it to “work” in our bodies.

Meaning, some isolated nutrients may “pull” other micronutrients from other parts of the body in an effort to help them do what they’re going to do in your body.  If we’re offering our body instead a whole food option, already naturally supplying all the macro and micro nutrients inherently in the food, the body has that much less work to do, to “figure out” what to do with the nutrition.  The nutrition is entering the body in a format it instantly recognizes and understands.

For this reason, I like to stick with the whole food organic greens, and the ultra-clean raw whey protein that I promote often in all of my materials.  The greens have the full spectrum of nutrition that I would want to have in a complete diet, without any of the gluten, common allergens or other questionable ingredients, alkaline-forming in the body, and on top of that just plain tastes great thanks to natural fruit-based flavors and a little added stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener used in Japan with no reported side effects for over three decades now.  It is the most ideal green whole food supplement I have ever found. 

And the raw whey protein, as the cleanest, most bio-available protein source I have also ever found.  Grass fed cows, no hormones added, no antibiotics used, producing the kind of whey that everyone’s body wants and needs.  A picture link for the whey is on the right side of this page.

Both of the above are also found at Dr. Jeremy Webster’s web site below.  When you purchase, be sure to use my name, facelessfatloss, in the coupon code on anything he sells for a great discount.

The Greens:

The Whey:

The above two foods are foundational, providing vitamins, minerals, and protein in their natural forms.  Add both to smoothies and juicing efforts as part of both detoxification and nutrition.

I like to use the green smoothies as a foundational way to obtain my nutrition, since it affords us the easy ability to get in the greens we are so often lacking in our diets, along with some fruits, the protein in the form of raw eggs and/or the raw whey.  Smoothies should be consumed slowly…”chew your smoothie” as we can say.  If juicing, that should be done the same…slowly.

Remember that if you choose to go the juicing route, to be conscious of the sugar content involved in juicing.  Carrots are a common vege to juice, BUT, if we are dealing with an illness, we MUST be ultra-conscious of ALL forms of sugar intake, not just the refined sugars like we find in desserts, snacks, and other foods.  A carrot juice drink will have WAY too much sugar for an ill person to be consuming in my opinion.  And a near-total elimination of ALL sugars needs to be adhered to in almost all illness conditions (see my other materials if you are unsure of what the full spectrum of dietary sugars involves; this goes far beyond mere snacks and desserts).  This is why I prefer smoothing, since it gives us the whole food.  We can take in bare-minimum survival sugars from these whole foods. 

With any controversy that you may read regarding the advantage or disadvantages to either juicing or smoothing: I would simply say that they both have benefits, as long as the person using one or the other understands what they are consuming, how including the fiber that is expelled from juicing in smoothies can be of more benefit, and as long as the smoothie is “chewed,” and I like to add in a digestive enzyme with almost every smoothie as well, we will derive nothing but benefits from choosing the whole food smoothing option, over the juicing in this instance if one does not recognize the amount of sugars that juicing can sometimes overload a person with.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  Juicing can be great, one just has to understand food combinations to make best use of it.  And when one is ill, I believe getting the whole food in, over just its juice, is far more beneficial for reasons that I think are self-evident to most people. 

Here’s a great recipe:

To move on, the next aspect of nutrition would have to revert to a short discussion on Vitamin D.

People in the western world are all too often vitamin D deficient, and this can cause a whole host of problems relating to pain, weakness, a compromised immune system and more.

For me, I go straight to Dr. Holick on this topic, as he is a fantastic resource covering decades worth of study on the topic.

I personally feel, based on having studied his work AND experiencing first-hand how vitamin D has affected ME, that very careful, moderate, tanning is my choice to increase my vitamin D levels to their maximum potential, naturally, over using a supplement.  If one HAS to use a supplement, my go-to choice would be the D3 variety, due to it’s increased bioavailability.

But in making a point to never burn, Dr. Holick has discovered that even using a tanning bed or booth, can raise vitamin D levels effectively by 50% to 150% over the course of six weeks of three-time-per-week sessions.

However…determine where you are with it first.  Have your D levels checked, and you’ll know where you stand.  This particular nutrient-slash-hormone is of such vital importance, that it’s the first nutrient that needed to be mentioned, since it tends to almost universally assist people who are ill.  There ARE exceptions to this…but it tends to help far more people than not.  Speak with your doctor before you decide to supplement with D3, or use tanning systems to increase your D production.  The sun, of course, is the ultimate source for our D, and as long as it’s respected, and we take care not to burn…likely provides even more benefits than we can even begin to understand.

Iodine.  Another supplement we have become grossly deficient in, based on lack of understanding last century of how important to the body it really is.  Iodine supplementation has been known to have profound effects, just like getting in extra D as referenced above.  I use nascent iodine and would encourage you to search this out yourself.  I am personally taking five to ten drops worth a day at 200mcg per drop, which amounts to 2000mcg worth total at times, and have been told by an alternative doctor I can actually go to 15 drops (on my skin) TWICE a day for pathogen issues.  Some cancer protocols apparently go even higher.  Important: I made sure I started out very slow; it’s important with iodine because of how it impacts bromide in the body, displacing it, and can cause kidney discomfort (middle-back sensations) as the body re-learns how to use something it is deficient in.  Taking a little bit of crystal salt and lots of water, along with a reduction in iodine supplementation, reduced this burden and kidney sensation.  Conventional medicine insists that 1000mcg per day should be the upper limit, while alternative medicine suggests sometimes substantially higher amounts, especially for illness.

The reason I’m adding this in is that I’ve always used iodine, it’s a part of my FacelessFatloss (FLFL) program as one of these sorely neglected nutrients that is doing a world of good for lots of folks.  The difference is, I have never experimented with higher doses until recently, and I appear to be achieving great results.  Some people ARE sensitive to iodine, and some need their levels checked monthly when experimenting with high doses.  As with any supplement, it should be tested out SLOWLY, and iodine certainly fits that category.  Taking too much too soon can result in problems, it needs to be built-up according to my research and experience.  But it is being discovered more and more to be one of these crucial supplements that is providing a lot of results for a lot of people.  The nascent iodine I use can be found on the right side of this page in a picture ad.

Zinc.  Don’t undervalue it.  I just take the amount on the label of a liquid version of zinc.  Reasons for zinc focus on an enhanced immune system (and it’s particularly important for fungus, some theories suggest candida/fungus cannot be completely controlled WITHOUT zinc).  It tends to upset the stomach.  I have learned to time my taking of it to about a half hour after just a bit of food intake…followed by a bit more food.  Then the stomach upset occurs only briefly and is tolerable.

Most of the rest of our nutrition can then come from the green powder referenced above, and then Vitamin C can be explored as well, for it’s many effective medicinal uses.  See tab at the top of the page for that info, and please do not experiment with Vitamin C until you have read that page.  Using ANY isolated nutrients medicinally has inherent dangers, and a doctor should be consulted at all times.


Sweating is, believe it or not, as “not-optional” as the rest of what is covered above.  Since I have such a huge focus on fungal issues, we know, based on Dr. Jeffery McCombs practice that focuses on the candida issue, that body-still sweating…NOT exercise-based, moving the body sweating…enables the fungus and toxins to leave the body very effectively.

You will notice this effectiveness once you start employing it in your life.

I prefer a dry sauna by far, over a steam sauna.  It is easy to monitor the rate of your sweating, and if  you are not “a sweater”…like myself…you WILL sweat in one of these, after any where from 15 minutes to 30 minutes maximum.  The first time I went in one, it took me 25 minutes before I even began to break out a sweat, this particular sauna set at 160 degrees F. 

Now, I sweat usually by about the 15 minute mark, and will challenge myself GENTLY to stay in for as long as I can manage after that.  Some days it’s just 20 minutes, and on some I can go a full 40 minutes.  And I made sure I went six days a week when I was ill, 3 days a week maintenance.

Adequate water and good quality salt, as referenced above, is crucial to help rehydrate the body and restore electrolytes while we’re using saunas as part of our get-well plan.  I keep my glass water bottle in my locker or in my car, and will have a bit before, and a bunch after, each sauna sitting.

My local gym (the YMCA) has one at every location.  They’re a little expensive to join in my opinion, but also just a wonderful environment to be in.  I was a member of a large national chain gym for a long time, and I have come to absolutely love the family-like atmosphere at the Y (as well as our local J, I am actually a member of both).

The dry sauna also has the added benefit of being somewhat self-cleaning.  Some have their saunas set as high as 180 degrees, and at these temperatures, we’re above even milk pasteurization temps, so the rooms heat levels will sort of self-sterilize themselves.  As I’ve analyzed the temperatures used in each sauna, it seems that the larger the sauna, the higher they will set the temperature, to compensate for the door opening and sheer space needed to heat.

I also find it to be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  One must be careful about how relaxing it can be.  Many saunas have either cameras or lifeguards nearby to check on the patrons inside. 

I’ll often finish with a warm shower, that I then turn as cold as I can handle for a time, to close my pores and create an internal metabolic thermal effect (brown fat activation).

The first time I starting using saunas, I had some interesting, almost immediate “side effects,” that I interpreted as a good thing:

I acquired what I thought to be “athletes foot.”  But my feet never, ever, touched the floor.  I will not allow them to touch the floor in any public environment (sauna, shower, locker room, etc.) having had athletes foot when I was younger.

I discovered that this was very likely my own body giving me this!  The dripping sweat, likely filled with forms of fungus or other matter, lands by gravity down at the feet.  Despite sandals and showering, just enough fungus may land there during a detox like this to create these kinds of symptoms.

I believe that’s exactly what happened, because I did not treat the condition, and, it passed within a day.  AND, happened to happen on the first day of my first sauna detox.  I believe my assessment of the situation was likely accurate.

I also had red “welts,” for lack of better words, at the bottom crease of my buttocks, essentially the spot on the bench I was sitting on in the sauna, and likely again dripping plenty of sweat onto.  The sweat collects and festers in this area, and the bottom of the feet, causing these symptoms.

This too passed after a week or so, or at least greatly reduced, and I use a coconut-based natural soap to help rid these conditions (coconut having awesome anti-fungus properties itself).

So just be forever mindful of how what you’re doing, may create certain temporary reactions.  These are all “good” signs, in that it’s telling us our bodies ARE getting rid of the problems.


The above is my starting guide for anyone suffering with any kind of illness and needs a fairly simple place to start.  In my opinion, it is a very safe first starting point, and is designed to both rid the body of problems, doing so gently yet very powerfully, and help the body to help itself restore a state of health.  You will find many additions to this general program on other parts of this site, that can enhance and amplify your efforts to get well.  Using this as a starting point, enables one to then fine-tune their efforts as they explore things like candida and oxalate issues as possible sources of pain.  From there, adjustments can be made to help tailor individual results.

The body is a miracle…and it can get you back to where you need to be.  People can, and have, recovered from horrible conditions by giving their bodies the chance to do so.  It just takes a dedicated focus on the effort, an acceptance of a worthwhile and health-giving lifestyle change, and the time and energy it takes to reach homeostasis again.

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