New Fat Loss Areas, Homelessness, and Song:

“If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope…”


-New People/New Fat loss…interested?

-Homelessness in a tiny car and near-leg-amputation in a grocery store with Elsa

-Holiday sing-along smile, the hugely popular song that was never hugely popular

Hey there, it’s Tim/FacelessFatloss,

Interested in new techniques?

I am going in a new direction with the FacelessFatloss effort and YouTube channel. I’ve mentioned I’ll be doing a “Food Rules,” series, a “Move Rules” series, and review videos on some supps…

Would you be interested in hearing about other cutting-edge fat loss tactics from other people in my field?

If you care to chime in and let me know if you have an interest in that, I will continue to build some new connections that I have been establishing, and bring you some interesting and different avenues pursued in the fat loss arena. Just write a comment in below, anonymously if you choose…it may not show up in the comment field, but fear not, we WILL receive it!

Homelessness really sucks.

I have been somewhat absent of late because I was living out of my car for several days. Just happened to be the way circumstances panned out. Had to happen right when the brutal cold was hitting too, oh how fun.

So a short story on how much homelessness sucks:

After falling asleep jammed up in the back seat of my two door Civic, I woke up the first night at about 3AM, freezing my ass off, and when I got vertical, to get in the front seat, my inner thigh muscle decided to “lock” up on me. It was very painful, and I couldn’t move. Yet I was freezing, could not reach my phone even if I wanted to (in my glove compartment), and so I had to think fast and do SOMETHING.

I realized I had only two basic options in light of the temperatures I was dealing with: I had to MOVE, or, I had to DIE…?

(Overly dramatic?  Welp, it was freezing, and I COULDN”T MOVE!)

It was below 32 degrees out, I was already too cold (likely part of the reason behind the muscle lock-up) and my options were minimal, and needed to be implemented pronto or I was Skaa-Rooed.

Animals in the wild who acquire an injury have no choice in the matter; they must move for survival. When I had my latest herniated disc flare-up a couple months ago, I kept this in mind and somewhat “forced” myself to move.

I sincerely believe it aided in my recovery, along with lots of water.

So “move” I did.

And “easy” it was NOT.

Holy crap. Bad enough to have half your thigh muscle spasm and lock up painfully (a first time ever experience for me) but pretty close to hell when it’s also freezing outside and a few more minutes worth would put me in big trouble.

I forced myself to get past my seat, pull the latch to open my door, and painfully growled my way out of my car in a “I-choose-not-to-disclose-where” parking lot.

(And “yes,” I realize many folks must think I’m a weirdo).

So I stood up and just MOVED as best I could, with a very gimpy sorta’ circular walk-in-place, gently shaking my leg and trying to massage it, to figure out if the pain would dissipate, which it began to.

I then slowly sat myself in the drivers seat as best I could, relief still slowly coming. And although operating my clutch was almost impossible initially (even tho it was my right leg that froze), I managed to use my movement to get my body/legs at least working properly again, all through residual and fairly intense discomfort, and within a time was able to manage the clutch as the leg-lock-up eased.  The gas pedal did however remain a challenge, but thank goodness it wasn’t the left leg that locked; I can’t even speculate what I would’ve done had that happened.  Going anywhere above ten mph in first gear in a Civic just wouldn’t be productive, never mind the overheat or screaming engine in the middle of the night, and I love my Civic too much to do that to it anyway…

I happened to be way up a hill so perhaps I could’ve popped the clutch…?…or something had I been forced to.  And anyone who’s ever had a Civic knows they can glide…like…FOR EVER….;)

Got the car going, warmed up, went to the grocery store and limped my way to the magazine section where I read an article about the banking crisis of the great recession in Rolling Stone magazine, and then a couple picture books featuring Anna and Elsa in their “Frozen” circumstances…

(Totally unintended, but kinda a pun)

…among the choices of books I would pick for my nephew who is fascinated by any kind of picture book.


An interesting experience I would prefer never repeating. I’ve always been very highly conscious of the homeless, but this experience gave me even more focus on their challenges.  I considered vlogging my experience, but the amount of effort involved in just keeping yourself comfortable in cold temperatures, and finding ways to survive, eat, sleep, etc, takes up SO much energy, I decided I was not going to bother.

So that’s my story of the week.

Ending on a Fun Note…Listen and Enjoy!

Lastly, on a bittersweet but positive note…a sorta “holiday song” that is one of the most under-recognized yet wonderful holiday-ish songs of all time. From the movie “Toys” featuring the beloved Robin Williams. Listen to it and see if you don’t agree that it deserved a lot more attention than it ever received.

And then comment below letting me know if you would like to explore new weight loss programs with me with video reviews and interviews with others sharing our path:

Placing Too Much Value on “Studies” is Irresponsible:

An excerpt from a comment field under a video discussing a woman who is choosing to take her life on November 1st, having been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer…and the video uploader who was suggesting she at least try a raw food diet before deciding to take her own life:

You really shouldn’t present things like this as if it was any form of serious or genuine information. If you can’t show research or studies that demonstrate that these diets do anything at all to help terminally ill cancer patients, you’re potentially interfering with the final months of someone’s life, with unknown consequences. You need study, intense fact checking and rigorous experimentation. Without that, you’ve got conjecture and hypothesis.

The “you need research and studies” mindset is a form of programming.  I am not trying to attack you, I am simply stating that it has become so ingrained into culture as a standard that must be adhered to, that the most vital challenge to it is completely ignored: that of the “studies” never including the actual patient.  I’ve learned to benefit from research/studies as much as I can, while fully understanding each time, that *I* was not IN the study.  And if you look into what is being discovered about how differently individuals can react to different therapies, you’ll find that the individual and their personal experience can be vastly different than that of what a study determines.  Of equal importance, as someone who is well-versed in research and law, you would be surprised how often “studies” are completely misinterpreted.  Forget the individual differences in biology, diet, lifestyle, etc…there are countless omissions, and occasionally outright manipulations, of data, along with biased interpretations.  It often requires mental acrobatics just to attempt to decipher what was *really* determined by any study.  We need to stop what has become a form of brainwashing regarding the “need for study” and start placing the majority of our attention on personal intuition, insight, knowledge that we can apply to ourselves.  Learn from research, yes…but do NOT place it into some elevated, undeserved realm of the highest authority.  Because it may not even apply to *you* at all.

Tim Ritter’s “Move Rules” Playlist on YouTube

I will be using the FacelessFatloss channel from here forward for my “Food Rules,” my “Move Rules,” and various reviews relating to supplements and programs.

Another channel, site, FB and other social sites start-up is under way, and will relate much more to my overall lifestyle.  I am excited about finally deciding on directions to take that I am hoping the largest number of people can benefit from.