Tell Me Your Biggest Fat-Loss Issues:

Hey there, it’s Tim!

Please chime in below on your biggest weight loss challenges.  It can be absolutely anything at all that you care to comment on, that relates to what you’re struggling with most.

I am finding some interesting similarities among some of the questions that I receive, that seem to be impacting a lot of people. 

If you are still fighting to lose weight/fat and it just doesn’t seem to be happening the way you want it to, what about ANYTHING that you have tried…my approach or others…do you feel is not giving you what you need?

In my opinion, there are actually a bunch of “diets” or weight loss programs that, believe it or not…they just plain work.  I’ve watched it happen over the years, where what works for one does not always work (or not the same as) for another, even watched a married couple have two fairly different approaches to carbs, each one working for the person, but would def not work for their partner.

You can leave the fields anonymous if you like, no need to fill in your name if  you don’t want to.

The post will not show up immediately, but will within several hours.  If you do not want it to show up at all, include that in your post and the moderator will omit it from the comments below (but we will still receive it, so we will hear you).

I’d enjoy reading whatever it is you feel the biggest problem(s) is/are with the methods you have used to get to where you’re trying to go.  What is it about anything you’ve tried that you felt was lacking, etc.

I will read them and try to provide some helpful insights over the next month with my live emails.

Side note: There is a chance I will begin incorporating other approaches into my free material, by connecting with others in my field, and introducing you to their programs.  This may be one of the other core uses of my public videos, and I’ll let you know when we get started on those projects!

Thanks….Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………….Tim  🙂

“That’s a Load of Crap”

Two things I’m focusing on every day are of course what I’m putting in my mouth (avoiding heavy carbs and things like buttons or thumb tacks) and then making sure I have a Bowel Movement (BM).

I have discovered beyond any doubt at this point that topical magnesium, as compared to taking magnesium internally such as via epsom salt or the various magnesium-based supplements works just as well, and more “naturally” (in a non-aggressive manner, certainly nothing like drinking a cup of senna tea) to keep the crap (“keep the krap”) in a soft and easy to manage condition.  It completely eliminates binding up, hard, constipation, even though the mag is applied topically.

I have found another neat little trick in this regard, and will be doing a video on it at some point soon to get the word out beyond my subscribers; that of warm/hot drinking water.

Are you thinking coffee?  And if so, are some of you saying “yeah, well, with coffee it’s the caffeine that causes the movement, not the warmth of the liquid itself.”

And that would be a common assumption, and I’d say even a partially correct one.

HOWEVER: Ever try drinking a caffeinated soft drink/soda to produce a BM?  Of course none of you drink that stuff, as part of participating in the way I live my life via my program, correct?? 😉  (You better not be!)

My point is, the caffeinated pop/soft drink (why do they call it “soft”…because it’s acidic, “soft” on the pH scale) never produced BM’s for me.  But when I used to drink coffee (sometimes I miss it to this day, and may drink it again some day minimally) I used to have, as many people do, a BM readily.

Try just warm/hot water.

What I’m doing is either plain warm/hot water (distilled these days, a big video/new info on that coming this year) OR, I will add about a half tablespoon of my grade B or grade A organic maple syrup to the water to sweeten it.

I sip it slow to moderate in pace.

Like clockwork…literally 90% of the time…BM within a half an hour after the drink.

(Stands on toilet and cheers, fists pumping high).

Give it a “go.”  Pun way-intended.

P.S. “Yes,” someone really swallowed a thumb tack once.  Probably more than once, but it was on a documentary about ten years ago.  The show quelled my long-standing desire to swallow one myself.

Join Me in a Fast/Cleanse:

I will be embarking on a fast/cleanse next Monday, as part of the program materials.  I invite all to join!  The perfect time of year in my opinion, we’re well post-holidays and can use this as a first step towards our Spring/Summer fitness goals.

Your materials outline the fast and the whole purpose behind it; that of clearing out the colon primarily, and amping up the immune system.  It will afford us a renewed palate as well, whereby we can break the fast with somewhat less intense, “blander” foods, and maintain a cleaner eating style from that point forward.

I actually obtained all my materials already, but will be using a grade A organic maple syrup this time over the grade B.  They did not have the grade B available (I tend to believe due to other people deciding this is a great time to do the cleanse as well…it sold out) but the grade A will do just fine.

I have the bottled organic lemon juice and my high-octane cayenne pepper ready to go, along with organic psyllium, and my full-spectrum salt.

I will see how the morning flushes go to help me determine  how long I will do the fast.  I may go only until that Thursday, we shall see.

Feel free to contact me with any progress reports.  A new video is coming soon, hope you had a happy holidays!…..T  🙂