Fast Food Chains Dreadfully Slow at Providing Quality Food

Taco Bell said last week that its greater than 6,000 U.S. locations would stop using eggs laid by captive hens by Jan. 1, 2017, years in advance of the target dates set by its bigger rivals. 

Aren’t we…like…YEARS upon YEARS overdue on this?


The news came after further stress on Taco Bell to get rid of fabricated components, to resource from more humane sources and also to match Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s Corp, Subway and other competitors’ commitments to sourcing meat with less antibiotics. 

(Possible new book in the works regarding antibiotics…the foundation of so much of what I’ve done…and how gut health could be “THE” key to successful fat loss.  More info pending in 2016).

McDonald’s claimed in September its 16,000 U.S. as well as Canadian dining establishments would switch to cage-free eggs within a decade.

Micky Craps (as I affectionately call them) uses 2 billion eggs every year in the US, where it controls the breakfast menu in fast food. Experts approximate that breakfast accounts for around 25 percent of McDonald’s sales as well as about 40 percent of profit.

Taco Bell, which recently said that breakfast accounted for 6 percent of the chain’s sales mix, makes use of 13 million eggs each year.

Booger King, (term of endearment), has dedicated to going one hundred percent cage-free for its eggs by 2017. 

Which begs the question…”Why not just do it NOW?!?”

Dunkin’ Donuts in March stated that 10 percent of all eggs sourced for its breakfast sandwiches in the US would be from cage-free hens by the end of 2016.

Starbucks Corp and Panera Bread Co each have stated they would make the change to cage-free eggs by 2020.

Taco Bell additionally repeated that it would remove synthetic flavors as well as colors, added trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, as well as palm oil from its core food selection items by the start of 2016. 

In short: Fast food restaurants SUCK.

Are Stale Fig Newton’s Helpful for Fat Loss?

(Prolly not…but I enjoy them a little on the hard side)…;)

All the fitness gurus talk about one cheat day per week.  But that’s not how I do it:

At this time of year, I always up my whey protein intake.  I need the protein reserves to compensate for the extra training I will incorporate into my lifestyle to help maintain my fat-burning muscle development.

It is always discounted through the picture link to your right…consider stocking up now as we approach summer.  I would not offer it if it wasn’t an amazing supplement.

Love, Happiness, Health and Pieces of stale cookies……..Tim      🙂

New Research: Far Superior Results for Muscle Strength and Build

The Journal of Nutrition out of the Netherlands has confirmed yet another stance on the never-ending debate regarding the specific timing of protein, and when it’s best to take especially supplemental protein to assist in recovery and muscle building/enhancement.

Hopefully I do not need to go into the importance of quality protein.  I cover this in my programs heavily.  If you are not using the most superior form, that of whey, and specifically the raw whey that I use and promote, then at the very least I’d be using the vegan options to help up my intake.  I am absolutely convinced that most people need additional protein when it comes to fat loss efforts, to help build and maintain our fat-burning machine; our muscles.

Turns out, it’s the intake just before going to bed that is most helpful.

In this study, they were using a 27 gram serving size.

Please keep in mind the analysis that needs to happen with any study you read, ever, so that we can best determine what was really accomplished and how it may apply to us.

In this example, they did not specify the exact protein source used.  We can be reasonably certain that the raw whey source WE use is superior to theirs, based on the fact that 99% of the rest of the market in this area uses inferior forms of protein, and especially as a “shake,” as they define it in their study…one can only imagine the real quality of what this drink may have been.  “Shake” for me usually translates into “McDonalds liquid sewage,” likely loaded with all the crap McDonalds puts in their “shakes” that allegedly have any nutritional value at all.

OK.  So that said, the study proved out over 12 weeks between a control group and supplement group that the latter had increased benefits, unquestionably so, in the area of muscle strength; literally DOUBLE the results.

Again, we do not know ALL the details, nor the individual variances.

But when results are THIS significant with two groups, both that performed resistance exercise and one that took the protein supp before bed with significantly enhanced results; it’s telling enough that I believe we can bank on the end results.

Raw whey protein is available via a link to the right of this page.  I will be producing some new videos in the next month catering to the promotion of this amazing, muscle-building, detoxifying supplement, perhaps the one supplement in my arsenal I would always place at the top of my list as both a food source, as well as a health-enhancing and overall nutrition-boosting addition to my life path.

I am starting my personal YT channel this summer.  It will venture outside of fat loss efforts, but still involve them from time to time.  I may or may not alert you to this effort…if you are interested, shoot me an email. 

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace……..Tim