Hey there, it’s Tim Ritter, aka FacelessFatloss and Over 40 and Ripped…

     It has only taken me “for ever” to find a vegan protein source that I could be proud to offer everyone in my community.  This stuff freekin’ ROCKS.

     I was in a long dispute with another company about carrying their vegan protein.  There is a competing vegan protein that is very good but does not utilize enough organic ingredients.  You all know how I feel on these issues; organic isn’t always what we want it to be, but it remains one of the best options we have in this pesticide/toxin-laden world we have.  And the fact is, people ARE willing to pay a little extra now, AND this in turn is bringing down the prices (unfortunately having a concurrent economic crisis since 2008, so we’re not really seeing the price reduction, but that’s another story).

The neat-o thing here is that this company has its OWN form of organic, and is much “truer,” as you will see, than the standards we have come to accept but have also declined over the years (sigh).

     I was a long-time vegetarian.  I now consume more animal products, but I still like to either cycle them into my diet, or keep them to a smaller portion, and always only high quality.  You also know I limit the sources of my animal proteins to just a small few.Tims Bare Arm

     So to have a high-quality alternative, and on top of that, an alternative that is off-the-charts high quality…I just could NOT be happier. 

     “No,” vegan protein does not have quite the immediate bio-availability of whey protein (see the picture ad to the far right for the whey protein I use).  BUT, like my whey protein, this is what I consider to be “the” most bio-available vegan protein supplement on the market.  No “junk” in the product, just a good clean food source.  Hence, just like my raw whey, I can use less and obtain superior benefit compared to the competing products. 

     And the latest-greatest research is now confirming, again, that indeed the 20-gram mark of protein consumption (when studied with whey) per meal is just about exactly what the body can and will utilize towards muscle building and recovery.  Meaning, beyond that 23 gram sweet-spot that was touted for a long time and that I subscribed to as most efficient and effective, we are mostly excreting the protein instead of making biological use of it.  Too much protein can also be a little taxing on the kidneys, so it’s good to be mindful of these things unless we’re 300 pound bodybuilders who need larger amounts of protein.  Being able to consume less of my whey, or of this vegan protein, saves me money while offering me a much cleaner protein source than commercial alternatives, and gives me higher-quality results.


     I just love this stuff.  FINALLY we have ourselves an option for those who like to either go vegan, or reduce their animal protein consumption, and have it be of very high quality and loaded with the macro and micro nutrients we would want from a FOOD SOURCE protein…which is exactly the way it should be.

Click on the picture below to check out this amazing protein!