Note: Candida remains largely a “medical enigma” as western medicine still refuses to acknowledge it.  They can’t acknowledge it, because their own drugs are largely/mostly responsible for causing it (antibiotics).

That said, it has been my experience that self-treating for candida AND oxalate overload in the body provides tremendous relief for many of the more “mysterious” pain conditions.  On this page, we focus on candida.  Once candida is better understood, we can then learn about oxalate.  Some of the oxalate approach requires that we put aside some of the candida approach, since some parts of the candida approach work against reducing oxalate overload.  But I feel it’s important to learn them both independently of each other, for the sake of understanding, then applying each to our own individual circumstances.  Luckily, there is not a huge difference in approaches outside of the omission of certain foods in the low-oxalate approach.

It took me a long time…virtually a lifetime…to discover that so many of the ailments I have suffered from, and the list is long, were likely almost ALL attributed to having an overgrowth of yeast and fungus in my body.

I continue to manage the condition to this day.  For many of us, managing it becomes a life-long endeavor, but a lot…LOT…of progress is being made in this area to help us achieve even better results than we could a mere five years ago. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, and what everyone wants to hear FIRST, is that I was able to go from extremes of pain in different areas of my body, to near-total elimination of symptoms via this management, and I’m extremely confident anyone can do the same once they understand the mechanics behind candida overgrowth in the body.

It’s important to have just a basic understanding of what is happening, and why this problem NEEDS to become more recognized in western medicine.  It is my opinion, and the opinion of some western doctors and countless alternative practitioners, that candida is likely responsible for “most”…I’m using the word “MOST”…conditions that doctors will label “medical enigmas,” or give new extravagant labels to such as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” or “Fibromyalgia,” or even such things as “Anxiety Disorder.”

I can state with relative certainty…having had such a wide range of symptoms that responded to anti-candida efforts…that although most doctors will continue to laugh at this condition, that indeed, it is likely a core cause of ill-health in western society today.

My laundry list of symptoms that responded to an anti-fungal approach:

-Extreme anxiety/panic attacks and severe depression

-Severe facial tics that debilitated me socially

-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (still have remnants of this, but it’s much better)

-Severe prostate pain that antibiotics amplified (this symptom was an on-going agony that changed who I am)

-Pain in my right testicle that would not go away and made impossible to walk at one point (and for which ultra sound identified a cyst a few years later; a grand prize to “prove” to my doctors that I was not “imagining” things)

-Multiple joint and limb/muscle pain issues (these symptoms came a few years after the initial problems)

-Scattered body sharp pains including in lower intestines, groin, upper legs

-Unexplainable random intense pain

-Frequent urinary tract infections

-Burning in my rectum that would not go away for a year and a half; I compared it to feeling as if a lit match was being extinguished in my anus

-Little to no energy, chronic fatigue

…in short, a living hell, easily defined as a form of torture, with only occasional mild relief of symptoms, several symptoms of which lasted daily for well over a year, and that I was beginning to think I’d have to live with for the rest of my life.  Even people in my life were suggesting I “learn to live with it,” which was not an option.

When the symptoms were approached from the standpoint of a possible fungus infection in the body, and treated as such, along with helping the body restore itself via nutrition, supplementation, and other means which the candida has likely impacted, results…at least for me…began happening.

Coupled afterwards with a lot of anger towards the medical community for either being willfully ignorant of this condition, or choosing to not help people based on liability concerns.  A topic for another time.

As an important side note, to give you some idea of how certain I am that I understand now, the cause of all these symptoms as indeed being candida/fungus coupled with an oxalate issue: at the time this started, (and was dramatically amplified via the use of antibiotics, as further proof it was fungus and oxalate…more on the latter another time) I was sexually inactive for more than four years.  There were absolutely no hibernating or hidden STDs involved in my case, nor any form of communicable disease that could have either caused the symptoms, nor added to the pathogen load.


Most of our health, and most of our immunity is centralized in our gut.  Our intestines depend upon a healthy balance of good bacteria to a small percentage of yeast to have a healthy ecosystem intact that can protect us on a day to day basis from various invaders that would otherwise cause us harm.

The problem that comes into play is that this relationship becomes imbalanced, based on many potential factors…excess sugar, alcohol, and especially antibiotic use…and the yeast that is normally in a harmonic state with the rest of our gut mutates into a pathogen fungus, growing a tail as it latches onto the intestinal wall, and often breaching it (“leaky gut”) and finding a new home in other parts of our body.

Because of this new tadpole-like form, the immune system cannot as readily eat it up as it normally would in it’s less harmful yeast form.  This is a core part of the reason why candida becomes such a problem.  Our immune system recognizes and knows it’s harmful, but due to its new shape via the mutation, the macrophages and dendritic cells are relatively useless against it. 


So I decided to both tackle it from the standpoint of killing the excessive fungus…via multiple means of attack that I would either combine or rotate…as well as use tactics that would at least disable the fungus, and even reverse its mutation, so that my immune system could better handle it on its own.  The latter is an ideal way to manage the condition; if the immune system itself can recognize and handle the situation on its own, it would become an automatic function of the body to help keep the problem under control.

My focus was to build my immune system against it as naturally as I could, as compared to taking in potentially dangerous substances like pharmaceutical drugs (anti-fungals) that the candida is not only smart enough to adapt to over time (as short as a couple weeks), but may also hinder my immune system or worse, cause side effects that would compound my problems.

I had had enough of that through mainstream medicine to know I would not tolerate any more of it.

So my focus was to use natural candida management formulas and tactics to reduce the problem to a healthy level that my immune system could handle, coupled with dietary and lifestyle changes.

It took a LOT of work and effort, and continues to take some effort, but the results are there with a greatly increased quality of life (from a “1” on a ten scale up to consistent 8’s and 9’s…near-total quality of life return, and lots of days spent in only the slightest and ignorable forms of discomfort…in other words, I’m completely happy with the results, and only occasionally experience flare-ups).


These are the products and techniques I have used with varying degrees of success, and all either used somewhat in conjunction with each other, OR in a rotation.  All items on the list are described in red headers in the text below for easy reference, and ordering info is found at the bottom of the page:

-Diet restrictions and Whole Food organic greens/sprouts

-Systemic anti-candida enzymes nightly

-Powerful, high cell-count, high-strain count, probiotics

-Raw Aloe

-Undecenoic Acid

-ResultsRNA Total Body Detox Silver/Zeolite

-Blood cleaning with mild electricity

-Raw Coconut Oil

-Clean fresh spring water (Poland Spring water)

-Daily sweating in a preferably dry sauna, wet sauna if no other option

-Iodine (See right side of page for the product I use)



These items can be incorporated in to help speed the process and/or utilize if you have localized issues and the means to do so.  They are things I have tried and are worth researching to expand your options: 


-Red light therapy for lymph movement



Diet Restriction and Whole Foods

The very first thing that needs to be discussed is the part I dreaded the most: that of dietary change.

My diet has become what many people would consider “extreme,” compared to what it used to be.  BUT, what is SO misunderstood, is that the changes I’ve made I have substitutions for galore, and I almost never…literally almost never…feel deprived of anything.  Although it was important to be very strict for a time, and I occasionally have to re-initiate this form of dieting if I get flare-ups in symptoms, foods that should be avoided for a time can often be incorporated back in slowly and within reason, after a few months of leaving them out.  Dairy is a great example of this, as I will go for months at times with minimal dairy, and then incorporate it back in slowly, later on, as I feel improvement.  Currently I consume dairy products as part of my weekend cheating.

The fact is, dietary changes are EXTREMELY important, and must be the first focus.  To NOT make changes is to simply re-feed the candida, even if we are on an anti-pathogen of some sort, that will perpetuate a toxicity cycle that either slows our progress or *potentially* may make things a little worse.  We should be both starving the candida as much as possible during our diet changes as well as reducing and/or disabling it as much as possible in this process to reduce their numbers down to manageable levels.


Excessive dietary fats and oils (potentially even more important than sugar avoidance)

Sugar and alcohol

Dairy products

Grains (all, even whole grains, for a time of one to three months)

Juices/fruit smoothies and excessive fruits at first

Fermented foods for a time

The idea here is to think in terms of what feeds candida and how candida works in the body.  When ever there is sugar or a sugar-based process occurring in the body, we need to be hyper-conscious of it, and avoid the scenario.  It may be a challenge at first, but I assure you, it IS adaptable, AND…we can have MINOR cheating on the weekends with this (with the exception of oils, sugar, alcohol and dairy products).

This should be adhered to for a solid two months, preferably longer, depending on the severity of the infection.

THE GOOD NEWS…It helps TREMENDOUSLY in achieving the goal.  I would notice a stunted improvement if I attempted to cheat on any of these foods during the first two months.

ESPECIALLY in conjunction with the other modalities referenced on this page.

To give an idea of what you need to avoid, (the list would of course be long):

All cereals, all desserts, all dairy including ice cream, cheeses, sour creams, yogurt, milk, all breads, crackers and chips (look for oils on the ingredient list), milk alternatives like almond milk that contain oils, of course beer/wine/spirits, every juice or sweet smoothie, all foods that use yeast in the ingredients, sweeteners of every kind including honey and artificial sweeteners (the latter should be avoided at all times as they’re toxic to the body to begin with), all vinegars, sauerkraut, pickles, olives, then to oiled foods like potato chips, other snack chips, etc.

The basic idea of what CAN be eaten while reducing candida:

All meats except for pig products.  I personally stick solely to organic free-range eggs, poultry and bison, and eat no other meats.  Too much risk of contamination in multiple forms, be it heavy metal/toxins, antibiotics or hormones.

All vegetables and greens.  Note that with greens, oxalate will be a concern when we study that later.  A low-oxalate green to keep in mind is romaine lettuce as one of the more ideal greens.  (See my green smoothie recipe in my programs, past the tenth day in each of the programs).

All whole fruits except blueberries and oranges, but whole fruits only in moderation.  Can be increased over time.

Rice products as the sole grain in moderation.

Use of coconut oil for all cooking, no other oils, and even use it minimally.  I obtained my necessary dietary fats from a little coconut oil and perhaps a half to whole raw avocado with crystal salt (YUM!) daily, and just a tiny bit from the other foods in my diet.  Research the “80/10/10” diet of 80% carbs (whole fruits only)/10% protein/10% fats.  Be ever-vigilant of oils used in all sorts of western foods.  Oils in snacks of all kinds, regardless of the KINDS of oils used (sunflower, safflower, palm, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, coconut oil, olive oil).  If you think about it, the western diet is drenched in fats.  I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a huge problem, due to the notion that if we were to consume these foods in their natural state…an olive for example…the amount of fats we would eat would be far less than taking in the isolated fatty extract itself slopped all over our foods AND in almost every processed food on the grocery store shelves!…(?!?)…Something to think about.  And the heating of olive oil is a whole other topic for another time (it leads to inflammation big-time)…ONLY coconut oil should be heated for cooking purposes!

The 80/10/10 may not be entirely appropriate due to the large amount of fruit sugars consumed, but people too often notice improvements regardless, POINTING to the idea that it is the dietary fats that are causing so much of the candida problem.  Once you understand how candida eats and reproduces based on sugars and fats…and how undecenoic acid as a fatty acid is used to tame it…it all begins to make a lot of sense.  I personally feel the results may come with this approach, but may also be slower-coming.  But it is an option to be aware of that may work for you, and that may be easier for you to manage.  We each respond differently to different modalities.

Systemic Enzymes and Probiotics

The idea here is that the origin of this problem is in the gut/intestines.

So we need to have an ever-ongoing effort put into restoring our gut health as a new focus in our lives. 

This is where our healthy bacteria and yeasts are attempting to maintain a balance, and also where the yeasts mutate into their fungal form, becoming a harmful pathogen, and digging into and then breaching the gut via “leaky gut” and finding a new home in another part of the body.

Since this seems to be the origin of the problem, it makes sense to me that we need to get the gut in order as the primary focus, and then focus secondarily the more localized or systemic issues.

One product uses enzymes which are a natural component in our bodies and responsible for a wide range of health-producing benefits.  Since we become deplete of them as we age, supplementing with them, especially the right formula designed specifically to “eat” the yeasts as they would normally do in their native environment, becomes one ideal way to deal with the problem and is harmonious with our internal terrain.  I prefer to use the specific formula I reference below, as compared to its competitors, due to the lack of other components (without going into too much detail) that I have not seen enough evidence of safety from yet. 

After using the enzymes nightly (2 hours after food intake) for at least a couple weeks, I *then* (not before) will use the high cell count, high strain number probiotic I reference, a solid three capsules or more worth per day, to re-populate the healthy bacteria in the gut and help re-establish the needed balance.

I would not use the probiotics before this time, as the competition with the yeasts is still too great in all likelihood, making it very difficult for the healthy bacteria to establish itself effectively in the gut the way it needs to.  We first need to “make room” for the bacteria using the enzymes…THEN introduce them into the environment where they can land, build, and thrive.

Undecenoic Acid

This is a unique fatty acid that fungus will eat, and in doing so, cause the fungal form to de-evolve, for lack of better term, back into its yeast form.  Its tail will retract, causing its shape to revert back into a cell form, and on top of this, with a weaker cell wall, making the immune system that much more capable of dealing with it as well as the range of anti-pathogens I lay out here on this page.  It has always been important to me to take undecenoic acid on an empty stomach, at least 20 minutes before any food, to give the fungus the opportunity to utilize it in favor of any other fats the undecenoic acid may compete with.  I found this tactic improved my results, almost unquestionably so.  This is a novel approach to dealing with candida that was developed shortly after the advent of antibiotics, antibiotics of course being the first and foremost cause of candida overgrowth to begin with.  But for which seemed to virtually disappear as a treatment option, and in turn, we have seen a growing epidemic of problems associated with antibiotic use that this author feels is an outright crime.  It is the effectiveness of this approach for many people that lends to the idea that candida may focus as much on our dietary fat intake, as that of sugars.  Eliminating sugars (especially refined, anything outside of whole fruit not juiced) unquestionably helps most people.  But so may a great reduction of dietary fat as referenced above.  The theorists fight on this issue, some fruitarians claiming they can eat all the fruit they want and have it NOT feed candida.  I personally doubt this, but it’s an interesting idea, and I have always been able to consume some whole fruits while fighting candida and have been ok with it seeming to NOT impact my discomfort levels.  Thank goodness…because I really need the natural sugars personally, as most of us do, even if they are minimal.

Raw Aloe

Raw aloe specifically, without the added herbs (link below) is the best-selling supplement at my local independently owned health food outlet.  It claims countless benefits that I encourage you to research yourself, among them and for our purposes, the all-important healing of the gut.  It also provides nutrients that our body desperately needs…but that can’t be found in just about any other food source now, due to soil depletion.  It is one of my regular and consistent supplements.  People experiment with different amounts.

ResultsRNA Total Body Detox (“TBD”)

This form of cellular colloidal silver is actually proven in vitro to kill candida in extremely short order.  It is the most effective form of silver I have ever seen for this purpose, and it just plain works based on personal experience.  It is coupled with the best zeolite product I have ever seen as well, which is used to “clean up” the mercury mess that yeast die-off leaves behind, which can complicate our problems if it is not dealt with promptly when killing off fungus and yeasts.  My research has shown that it is as vital to reduce the toxin load as it is to reduce the pathogen load…perhaps even more important.

Blood Cleaning

I discovered blood cleaning back when I was very ill, and found it to be extremely effective for more systemic issues.  I am not at liberty to discuss much about it, and would encourage you to simply contact the manufacturers of the product instead.  I would use the unit which gently pushed low-level electricity into my blood stream via my wrist for an hour or more every other day, in conjunction with colloidal silver such as the ResultsRNA silver mentioned above, following the “Bob Beck Protocol,” and had tremendous results with it.  I credit it to being one of the first technologies that began giving me real results.  It could not handle my localized pain.  But did help the systemic issues tremendously.  I started slow, with only a mere five minutes, and began herxing and detoxing immediately, and hugely.  Lots of water is needed, and in my opinion, the protocol should be taken on very slowly, with a full understanding of how to use it properly.  I cannot and will not elaborate further on the use of this technology.  It will be your responsibility to do so yourself.

Raw Coconut Oil

Raw coconut oil has been proven in international studies to kill every strain of candida it was tested against.

Obviously, this speaks volumes.

It is also the healthiest oil we can cook with and consume, when compared to other oils that revert to trans fats when heated.

The only problem is that a component of the oil has potential toxicity issues with some people.  I feel it should be cycled, since some people get a lot of results from reduced oils in the diet, of which coconut oil would be one, but also the only oil I would use minimally on a low-fat, low-oil diet.  (Please note: It is important to experiment at some point with near-total oil elimination from the diet in my opinion for any suspected candida infestation or pain issues of any kind in the body.  Note that oils of various kinds are everywhere in our processed foods.  Along these lines, if one is to experiment with not only oil reduction in the diet but also all fats in general, many vegans believe enough fats are obtained from their plant-based diet that meats and animal products are completely unnecessary.  I have personally interviewed the author of The China Study who made this claim, and I believe for wellness applications, something close to veganism, or all-out veganism, can be tried for a time using only plants and avocados for example as their sole dietary fat options).

Back to the coconut oil, what I chose to do was to cycle it in my diet, 1 tablespoon a day or so for a week or two of expeller-pressed raw coconut oil or better (must be raw, and as unprocessed as possible…if it does not state that it is RAW, it is NOT raw), then go without it for a week or two (up to a month) and then bring it back in depending on results.

Once results were being obtained, I no longer consumed coconut oil, using only a little for cooking, and instead using it daily for oil pulling.  I personally believe it may be a healthy oil to ingest, for use as an energy source for example, but in moderation.

Clean Spring Water, such as readily available “Poland” Spring water (NOT tap water)

The amount of discomfort I experienced could *very often* be *DIRECTLY* correlated with the amount of water I was or was not consuming.  The less water, the more discomfort I felt.  The more water (as much as I could comfortably take in daily, shooting for a bare minimum of two quarts, and often much more) the better I felt.  Candida experts will tell you that water is NEEDED to help escort both the candida and its toxins OUT of the body, among a host of other benefits.  Not taking this part of the approach seriously always, without exception, hampered my progress.

I found that it MUST be spring water, and never tap.  I am occasionally experimenting now with distilled water.  Tap water is loaded with so many micro poisons from fluoride to pesticide and antibiotic residue, that it is simply counter-productive.


Still sweating, NOT exercise or movement-based sweating, is another “NOT OPTIONAL” part of what I did to help myself get better.  I prefer a dry sauna, and they are readily available locally at the YMCA.  A wet sauna is fine if it’s the only option.  In the dry sauna, I like to get up on the second sitting area so that I can take as much advantage of the hot air rising as possible.  My sauna range from 160F to 180F, and even though I’m not a big sweater, I always start to sweat at about the 20 minute mark or so, and will stay in for as long as I can afterwards, a half an hour or so is usually good enough for me to be drenched.

It is of course vitally important that I keep myself hydrated with plenty of spring water before and after a session, and I went six days a week when battling candida.  It appears to be an excellent escape route for both candida and toxins, and improvement came MUCH faster when I finally figured out how important it was to still-sweat.  Now, I go three times a week for maintenance.

As an interesting side note, the undecenoic acid referenced above is found naturally in the sweat glands of the human body.


I found nascent iodine to be another “must supplement” in my candida battle.  When I reached plateaus in progress, and added drops of nascent iodine to my skin, an element that many researchers feel 95% of us are deficient in (especially those of us dealing with illness), results came quickly.  Building up from a couple drops the first day, up to 8 drops a day and even beyond, (including drops directly on the skin near areas of discomfort) results came.  This appears to be a powerful missing link in the candida game that along with zinc below, seem to be crucial supplements to add to an effective, long-term anti-fungus arsenal. Important: I made sure I started out very slow, it’s important with iodine because of how it impacts bromide/fluoride/halides in the body, displacing them, and can (and likely will) cause kidney discomfort as the body re-learns how to use something it is deficient in.  Taking a little bit of crystal salt and lots of water, along with a reduction in iodine supplementation, reduced this burden and kidney sensation I experienced.  Conventional medicine insists that five drops at 200mcg totaling 1000mcg should be the upper limit of safety, while alternative research is suggesting much higher amounts are applicable under illness conditions.  I monitor my middle-back (kidney) for sensations, and back off it if I feel anything there, along with the extra spring water and crystal salt.  Nowadays I have been using 10 to 14 drops pretty much daily, all on my skin.  The one I use can be found in a picture link on the right side of this page.


Adding this supplement too provided a similar result.  A good quality zinc supplement will have just a little copper added to it, since supplementing with zinc alone may cause copper deficiencies.  Zinc seemed to be one of the missing pieces to lasting results, especially since most sufferers of candida like myself are well familiar with how stubborn…and repeating…candida can be, where one feels like one “just can’t get rid of it.”  Zinc supports and enhances a weak immune system, which is almost always the case with candida infections since the immune system struggles with it so much as described above, and appears to do so very effectively.  The iodine and zinc seem to hold promise in keeping it permanently at bay.


The Optional Enhancements:

Allicin: Allicin is the active component of garlic, that wasn’t available even in the late 90’s.  New technological advancements enabled the allicin to be extracted from garlic without degrading, and enables a person to take a capsule and have many many times the antimicrobial potency of regular garlic alone.  In my opinion, it works best for reducing the candida burden in the colon as compared to systemically, but is also terrific for urinary tract infections of all kinds, be it of bacterial or fungal origin (it is my “go to” UTI remedy, has never failed to eliminate UTI symptoms within the day with good strong dosages of a few capsules a few times a day).  I referenced it as an option because some people are sensitive to garlic, and as an important side note, garlic and allicin should not be used with the blood electrification/cleaning tactic referenced above; please be sure to research this if you decide to use the blood cleaning device.

DMSO: Also optional for specific use, I just wanted to make the audience aware of it.  A still somewhat “underground but not underground” solvent that was covered on 60 Minutes back in the 1970’s (search youtube for the video), is in the back areas of the internet, yet still receives so little public/media attention.  It is an extremely powerful, yet apparently very safe solvent that has the apparent ability to heal, while definitely giving pain relief.  A particular advantage is that it can move anything that touches it directly into the body, almost as if by using a syringe.  Because of this, one needs to be VERY careful using it.  I make sure absolutely nothing touches it when I use it.  Anything that does…clothes, perfumes, soaps, etc…will be carried directly into the body, and can literally become poisonous.  It needs to be used extremely carefully.  However, using it with silver, to literally force silver into a particular part of the body, seemed effective for me.  I would put a drop or two from a glass dropper (DMSO should always be purchased and stored in glass, since the plastic will follow into the body if it’s stored in that medium), then smear it in just once (I’d use the back of my hand so that I could pick up other things with my fingers without worrying about contamination), never rubbing it in, then I’d spray my silver on top of the DMSO, and wait a full 20 minutes to half hour or more to let it dry.  This would deliver both the DMSO and its pain relieving and healing qualities along with the silver directly into the part of the body it was applied to, AND would then deliver them to the rest of the body as well.

It is an extremely potent product that needs to be FULLY understood and respected before it is used.  It is also anti-inflammatory, and in that regard it has been suggested that it should not be over-used, so that the body does not become accustomed to its effects.


The above is my basic approach explained as quickly and simply as I could manage.  There is a LOT more to cover on this topic, so I figured the best way to handle it would be via something akin to a “SIDE NOTES” section below:



-The first and by FAR most important topic to cover is that of the use of antibiotics: Antibiotics are the PRIME CAUSE of candida overgrowth in the body.  Antibiotics, literally translated, mean “ANTI-LIFE.”  Most antibiotics are derived from fungal origins, and in turn destroy the healthy intestinal flora in the gut, leading to the yeast imbalance, that our western diet and lifestyle (sugars, alcohols, grains, etc) in turn enhances dramatically.  To sum up quickly, without any further details, my stance is firmly, and simply, this: I will NEVER use antibiotics again, under ANY circumstances, the exception being my death bed as a last-ditch effort to save my life.  Outside of that, antibiotics temporarily destroyed my life, from which I’m still recovering to this day, and I will never allow that to happen again.

-Mega-dosing with Vitamin C: Vitamin C in high doses can be effective for viral and bacterial concerns.  But research seems to bear out that it is not anti-fungal, even at high doses (20 grams and up).  However, it appears that it MAY stunt candida growth.  It will not likely kill candida, but it does seem to have a possible effect of stopping candida from proliferating further.  I personally would not use it, but wanted to reference it.  The other issue with mega dosing C is that of oxalate loads in the body, a topic we will cover another time and in other parts of my materials, that is often coupled with candida overgrowth.  Just to make it clear, I would not experiment with vitamin C, but it is worth learning about for certain medicinal uses only.  The risk of it producing an oxalate load is too great, and I’ve been asked about it many times…so there’s my opinion.

-Niacinamide, a version of vitamin B3, has been shown in studies to disrupt candida’s ability to reproduce and form biofilms, as well as mess with its DNA in ways that greatly impact its attempts to thrive.  It is apparently very effective on all fronts in this regard.  Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, larger dosages may be able to be experimented with.  This version of B3 also does not cause the skin flush/heat/itching that niacin normally does, NOR does it give the anti-cholesterol benefits that many people use it for as well.  But, considering its apparent strength as an anti-fungal, it may be well worth taking, especially in conjunction with the silver I reference on this page since a combination of weakening the candida…then killing it…may be an ideal combination to help get it more under control.  I am not a fan of using isolated nutrients in too large a quantity, nor for too long.  But it is very inexpensive, and since it’s water-soluble, and based on the research I’ve done, it seems to pose minimal risk while being fairly powerful in the fight against candida.

-Fruitarian, Fruit-Only Diet as method of dealing with candida: I referenced this briefly above as part of the 80/10/10 diet.  I also cover this in my program as a form of diet cycling for health and fat loss.  I am aware that claims have been made that a fruit-only diet can actually reduce candida.  I am very open minded and welcome reports of this doing so, but until then I find it somewhat unlikely, since candida thrive first and foremost on any/all forms of sugar first, and fats second.  The neat idea is that reducing the dietary fats way down allow for excess blood sugar to be able to be removed by entering the cells more easily via increased insulin receptor efficiency.  Perhaps it might work for you.  But I tend to think the results may take a bit more time, if it was to work.

-Alkaline pH/sodium bicarbonate as anti-candida method: My research and that of a respected candida doctor shows that having the ideally alkaline-leaning blood and attempting to alkaline one’s self as a means of fighting candida is not effective.  Candida seem to thrive in almost all organs regardless of the organ’s pH, and little to no effect is had from attempting to alter the body’s pH levels.  The “alkaline movement” in various alternative health forums remains very controversial, with my opinion currently that it is not what it is mostly claimed to be, and is certainly widely misunderstood.  My opinion is that the the topic of body pH is not something to focus on, since the body has various acid and alkaline conditions and is largely self-maintaining from blood to organs via respiration alone.  I do cover the basics of it elsewhere in my materials.

-Oxygen killing candida, aerobic vs anaerobic tactics: Candida thrives in both oxygen and oxygen deprived environments, almost equally well.  Although some people do report success with extreme oxygenation tactics, such as those utilizing Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement.  I have used it myself and did not achieve grand results, though I think it may have been moderately helpful.  I cannot go into further details on using the substance due to its controversial nature, and would strongly encourage you to fully research the solution before attempting to use it.  It is very potent, and has inherent dangers relating to the gas it produces indoors (it can harm pets, especially birds) and free radical burden it could contribute to in the body.  I always made the mixture outdoors.  I feel antioxidants should be used in opposing conjunction with this supplement.  On top of this, the taste is the most awful thing I’ve ever had, and many people, including myself, get to a point where it becomes literally intolerable.  I personally have decided to not use it again, in light of other options and the controversy surrounding it and its safety.  In mid-2012 I had a friend experimenting with it for his candida condition and did not obtain worthwhile results, while suffering quite a bit with its use.  I prefer to use the product “Cell Food” as a more natural and gentle form of internal oxygenation, but it would have little to do with candida control, as compared to using for health enhancement and added energy.

-Vitamin D…yes or no?  People on anti-fungal *medications* are often encouraged to reduce their vitamin D levels and exposure to sunshine as a means of fighting fungal problems.  The reason for this is that candida utilizes Vitamin D as a membrane antioxidant to strengthen its cell wall against medications attempting to eradicate it.  I do not use anti-fungal *medications* in my personal approach, so I’ve always used vitamin D for its immune system enhancement capabilities to help my own system deal with the infection.

-Rotating approaches: I found it to be helpful to rotate all of the tactics I listed in my approach to “confuse” the candida and surprise it with new attacks that it could not adjust to.  Granted, I believe that all of my tactics are largely “not adaptable” to…Candida CAN and DOES adapt to medications, but does not seem to adapt to any of the items mentioned above.  As an aside, natural remedies will often constantly “adapt” to killing candida, as the candida adapts to the method that worked before.  Meaning: our natural coconut oil may not work as well several years down the line, but by the same token, nature will be providing new coconut oil for us, that WILL be able to effectively kill the candida as it attempted to evolve.  I friend of my well-versed on treating fungal conditions topically, said that that is exactly what tea tree oil does for fungal issues; it has always adapted WITH and AGAINST it, being one-step-ahead of the candida’s ability to adapt to the tea tree oil’s new anti-fungal properties in each new season of harvesting.  (Neat, huh!)

-Green juicing/smoothing: I would not do strictly fruit juices in the beginning stages, or smoothies, nor attempt any other form of juicing or smoothing such as with carrots or similar.  ANY liquid sugars entering the intestinal tract is going to be a problem for us initially.  Once we lower dietary fats, and understand the oxalate issue later on and how that applies to greens especially, we can incorporate back in some fruit smoothies as I do currently.  For now, we run too great a risk of concentrating either sugars or oxalate via juicing or smoothing. 

-Syntol enzymes/probiotics: The controversial strain of bacteria, “b subtilis,” is the whole issue.  It is derived from fungal origins, and I did not have a good experience with the product.  I have heard from third parties that I trust that it IS helping other people, while some others have bad reactions like I did.  My research, and experience, tell me to definitely NOT use a product containing it.  So I do not use it.

-Nuts, oils, chips: In my opinion, these are options that need to be avoided or greatly reduced at first.  I believe dietary fats are a huge part of the candida problem.  If I was using undecenoic acid, I let that be among the minimal lipids I would ingest, as a derivative of castor oil.

-Appendix removal: I had my appendix removed when I was just a kid, about 13 years old.  They did not know back then that the appendix likely feeds “prebiotics” into the intestines to help build the probiotic terrain.  Coupling this with a lot of alcohol use and sweets likely devastated my gut’s healthy flora, giving me an imbalance of yeasts that likely increased in severity from that point forward, especially if my symptoms were any indication; it was at that exact time that I began experiencing severe panic attacks, that dictated the quality of my life from that point forward (truancy from school, inability to attend college due to the attacks, inability to have a healthy social and family life, etc.)

-Amalgam filling removal: I had all of my silver-mercury-amalgam fillings removed towards the year and a half mark of my initial suffering, and had them replaced with what I could afford at the time, the composites.  I would never put any metals in my mouth again (also wore braces and other dental instruments literally since the second grade, all the way through junior high school) and have heard about a unique new approach using some form of crystal composite, but is only being done in Mexico.  I do not know anything about it at this point, you will need to research it on your own.  Yeasts harbor mercury; it was established in the mid 1970’s that when yeasts were destroyed in the body, they often “oozed” mercury.  Where did the mercury come from?  Sure, there is some in our environment, but it seems to me that there has to be *some kind* of leeching occurring when a metal is in our mouths, all the time, subjected to 98 degree temperatures and constant friction…seems like common sense to me.  Proper removal requires two forms of suction (in the mouth and outside the mouth), a large dental dam around the tooth and preferably extending over the face, oxygen to the nose if available, and the latest excavation techniques remove the filling by taking out just a tiny bit of the surrounding TOOTH…to avoid impacting the amalgam in any way and causing any vapor issues (which is brilliant in my opinion).  Then, the zeolite (part of the TBD above) in highest label doses afterwards for a week or two daily to grab any mercury that I was exposed to, along with lots of water.

-Hand soaps: The vast majority of common hand soaps are anti-bacterial, often using Triclosan as the antibacterial agent.  A study a long time ago showed that common dish washing liquid without antibacterial agents included have 1000 times the anti-bacterial power of the antibacterial hand soaps that add in this additional ingredient.  What was also discovered is that it may not be the antibacterial ingredient, even though it does kill the bacteria, that really makes the difference; that it’s just the soap and water itself that more rinses off the bacteria instead.  I use a coconut-based soap either in bar or liquid form.  Although the coconut oil is somewhat processed, I have the hope that it may still have some anti-fungal properties.  I’ve also become so used to it over the years, that on the rare occasion I’m forced to use an anti-bacterial soap, it actually stings my hands.  Point being: We may get some skin absorption of the antibacterial ingredient, and as a side note, it certainly also enters the water supply when rinsed, and testing of public drinking water shows loads of (trace) antibiotics and toxins of all kinds.  There has already been plenty of concerns raised about this ingredient causing antibiotic-resistant germs as well as hormone disrupting.  In my opinion, this additional ingredient is just a marketing gimmick.  Lets stop using these ingredients that are toxic to both ourselves and our water supply, with enough motivation to do so knowing antibiotics contribute to fungal loads in our bodies.



In an effort to keep things organized, most of the links will be without pictures.  Some links can be clicked on to open in a new window, others you need to right click on to select “open in new tab/window” if you want to keep this page open for easy reference.

Please feel free to find similar products locally on your own, but these are the specific products I used, some of which I’m directly affiliated with, some I am not.  Feel free to buy from Amazon, since their prices can be so awesome.  With those found on Amazon, I found you the best price at the time of this writing.  USE THE AMAZON DISCOUNT SEARCH ENGINE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE to find discounts on ANY/ALL products over at Amazon in the alternative.  I understand how awesome Amazon is, I shop there too!  The engine below is a great tool to use whenever you’re shopping at Amazon for anything at all.  The engine enables us to find discounts that would otherwise take hours to find.



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The Total Body Detox…Clicking on the link will open in a new window.  I apologize for taking you to an additional site to find this product, it is our sister site over at  The linking system required that everyone interested land there first to help manage changes in site design that the company offering the silver was going through.  The Total Body Detox picture at the bottom of that page, featuring the silver and zeolite, will take you directly to the info/order page, AND also entitles you to 15 free minutes of consultation with one of their kind and knowledgeable nutritionists as a bonus (please be aware they are not familiar with my candida approach and cannot comment on it).  Please note that the page you will land on will feature two forms of silver…for candida, I would always choose the Total Body Detox silver/zeolite over the other silver listed above it, which has its own applications:


Blood Cleaning: (You will have to copy the links and paste them in your browser)

The SP Unit from Sota, at:

I felt the information found at the following link was important to understand about using this technology:


The Coconut oil I use…NOTE…I use this oil for cooking, and did use it medicinally, but it is not completely raw.  It is a great cooking oil that I have used for years, but you may prefer a raw-er coconut oil.  It is also my go-to choice for oil pulling, a tactic I use every day now and which I hold almost completely responsible for tendon/joint relief!  Coconut oil has also been shown in studies internationally to have an ability to disable countless strains of candida.  The below link is the one I use, so I’m presenting it here.  I am not affiliated with the company, I just think it’s a great product and may have helped me in my candida fight as well.  At the very least, it’s the only oil I’d ever cook with!…Link will open in a new window:


Spring Water…Should be able to find one at your local grocer.


Nascent Iodine:

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Zinc: I followed the label recommendations, but split the dose to just a half dropper full two times per day max.  It can be difficult to take, causing brief stomach upset; I had to take food in, and wait for an hour or so, THEN take it to keep stomach upset to a minimum.  Need to right click to open in new window:

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One of the few brands that does not use the dreaded magnesium stearate (used in the manufacturing process, it is being shown to possibly incur intestinal complications and a possible host of other problems.  The best supplement companies know this and will not use it in the manufacture of their supplements).  I have used 1500 mgs a day, 3 capsules worth, all at once.  It may be possible to double this dosage safely for more impact, please do your research.  I feel it’s one of those medicinal-use isolated vitamins that should be used sparingly, or cycled in the diet, and always taken with food:


Whole food organic green powder with sprouts (this link will open in a new tab): (You receive a discount on all of his awesome products when you enter my name, facelessfatloss, in the coupon code).  A great, nutrition-dense powdered supplement to keep in mind.  I would educate myself on oxalate loads first though, before purchasing.  It’s just a great whole-food supplement to be aware of for future use.  (Also note that you can buy anything on Dr. Webster’s site at a discount with my facelessfatloss coupon code, he has a lot of great, health and performance-enhancing products).