My tastes have always been diverse, for which I catch a lot of slack from a lot of different people.  For whatever reason, many people have trouble understanding how a person who likes Barry Manilow, can also like something like Queensryche…but indeed, I appreciate them both EQUALLY, and always have.

So below are some more of the energy-producing tunes I listen to.  The first one is relatively unknown, a mere two-minute long song, that won an MTV award back in 1981 or so for best garage-band song.  Mega-talented vocalist, and they always opened their concerts with the song…”HELLO.”  Such a GREAT song to get energy moving!!


A shame, but this is the best audio quality I could find for this song below (with very poor video quality).  Not a well-known band today, and not even extremely known in their time, at least not in America.  Fun trivia: during live concerts, the band members would switch instruments among each other.  Loads of talent here…miss the writing and performing talent that encompassed most music pre-90’s:


One of the major “thinking man’s heavy metal” talents of the 80’s, Queensryche.  Two incredible songs.  Weather you ever liked heavy metal or not (believe me, there was MUCH more intense harder metal than the below) I think most people can appreciate the talent involved in these songs:



One of the more “pop-glam-metal” bands of the 80’s.  They play the following one at football games for a reason!



Metallica recorded their first EP right in my home city.  I became a fan within an album of that, their first official release (which was actually their 2nd studio album).  No one knew who they were.  They came back to my city opening for Ozzy a few years later, circa 1986, in support of Master of Puppets.  Back then we had general admission seating.  I snuck a camera into the concert (a long slider camera, down my pants) back when not only were there no reserve seats (and it was basically a mosh pit), but also hand-searched for drugs and cameras (remember those days anyone?) and took pictures as best I could that I still have to this day.  This was also about a year before the bassist was killed in the bus accident.  No one at the concert knew who Metallica was…they were all there to see Ozzy.  I ventured off from my friends so that I could get closer to the mosh pit area to get good pictures.  Told the concert-goers nearby who never heard of them to “watch this band…”  I called the local radio station insisting they play Metallica, but they always refused.  About a year later they were hitting it big time, and the rest is history.  And about five years later, I could no longer stand them.  (LOL)  This was the last of their great music in my opinion, and it’s hard not to get the blood pumping listening to and watching THIS:



OK FOLKS…if you can handle it!  This was always one of my favorite Metallica songs.  Other fans did not like it as much if they were not open to more of the “thrash metal,” as I was (Oh those of you who don’t know me, would not recognize me in the 80’s.  I was a rebellious MESS, lol).  I later found out this is one of the singers (James’) favorite Metallica songs of all time.  So I wasn’t the only one who loved it, the writer himself did too! 

Wait for it…wait for the vocals to come in.  Those guitar/bass players out there (of which I was one) will appreciate that incredible RIFF…LOTS of fun in my book! 😉  And as a further note to the players out there, James plays that riff entirely on down strokes (and don’t ask me how that’s even possible).  😉