Mid Summer Modified Cleanse Pending

Hey folks, Tim Ritter/FacelessFatloss here, I hope all is well! 

I am going to do a modified fast next week for just several days that will consist of the basic master cleanse lemonade gig, but with romaine lettuce and apple juice added. 

This is just an experiment to see if I can achieve a bit of gall bladder and liver loosening, as I’ll call it, in the process. 

I will still do the fiber and salt water flush, which just isn’t optional.  But my body maintains a low fat state fairly well based on my eating habits and because of that, I don’t feel a need to over-tax myself with a cleanse that goes beyond a few days, nor that involves so much nutrient deprivation.

On a personal note, I’ve been doing a lot of saturated fats in my diet for almost three years now, and am going to cut back (hence my gall bladder and liver efforts).  The low oxalate diet that I’ve had a need to stay on unfortunately forces me to miss out on a lot of healthy fruits and veges that I miss terribly.  So I compensated with a lot of fats within the context of maintaining the general low-carb status I’ve had for many years. 

I’d like to try to get more carbs in on a regular basis; so I’m going to give it a shot.

Hope all is well, I will try to upload something on the FacelessFatloss channel soon.  I think I am literally approaching a WHOLE YEAR of no posts, which is extraordinary; mainly because time seems to be going so darn fast, but also because I just hate having not been able to add content on a regular basis.  It was an interesting journey and although I’m definitely not abandoning it in any way, and do live the lifestyle, I’ve had a need to take other paths that have reduced my time down to almost nothing. 

I really-really need an extra 18 hours in each and every day.  If anyone has any spare ones, send them over. 😉

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