I haven’t been sick in years now, and have found a formula that has worked well for me.  I believe it’s just about possible to never catch a cold or flu…I’m not saying I never will again…but I believe I’m close to that accomplishment, and have a years-long track record now, and the ability to fight them off (I “catch” things a few times a year).  Thought I’d share what I do and why, in the hopes that it may help others.

First off, I would attribute a large amount of my success to daily or near-daily supplemental zinc in liquid form, and then my vitamin D3 intake or sun exposure (the latter of which is preferred).  Because I live in the northeast, the vitamin D is hard to come by post September or so, so I do take about 2500 units of D3, at times daily, during the six months until Spring comes around again.  I get the 5000 unit sublingual pills that dissolve under the tongue, bite them in half, and save the other half for the next day.  Since I also use my magnesium oil that I reference in my materials, I’m certain my magnesium intake/uptake is enough to help the vitamin D “work” in my body.

The benefits to the immune system became obvious after I started using the zinc and D.  There is no question in my mind that they are a powerhouse against colds and flu.

So during those times when I know I’m being “attacked”…I get the specific symptoms, usually involving soreness/dryness in the back of my mouth/throat or back of my sinuses, or with some kind of mouth sore, I take the following counter-measures that have served me so well, that I can knock out the invader within just a couple hours:

The Silver/Zeolite combo “Total Body Detox”

(over at

I used the silver for an embedded prostate issue related to candida and oxalate issues after about a year and a half suffering with those conditions, and it was the first thing that knocked it down.  The day after using the silver, it aggravated the condition, scaring the crap outta me, and then the day after, I had my first-ever day, in over a year and a half, of near-total symptom relief.  I will never forget that day, the day before Thanksgiving 2006, and I was in tears I was so happy.  After that time, I relied on the silver for almost daily use for a great many years, and I never got sick again when using it.

Because it is so powerful, I now reserve it only for emergencies.  It is an absolute life-saver.  BUT…I have found that using the *zeolite* portion of that “Total Body Detox” combo (the silver/zeolite option at the bottom of the page via the link above) is excellent at capturing virus’ and other invaders in turn, while not having any active “kill action” coupled with it. 

So I save the “kill action” for emergencies or cleansings now, and use the zeolite as one of my first supplements when I know I’ve caught something.  A few sprays held in my mouth every few hours.  It works SO well.

Coconut Oil Pulling

If I have a mouth sore, such as on my tongue or in my cheek, both of which are fairly rare now (I used to get them as a child a lot) I know it’s likely a cold/flu indication.  Simple oil pulling, which I do for 20 minutes every day anyway to keep joint/tendon pain almost 100% away, clears up the canker-like sores very quickly and easily, with what is a 100% success rate on three of them since I started doing the oil pulling regularly some time ago.  This tactic as well, may be partially responsible for a continued ability to avoid illness.  I always use expeller-pressed, organic coconut oil, the same kind I use for my cooking (and is the only oil I will use for cooking).  My current favorite is over at Wilderness Family Naturals, and I’ve used theirs for years, picture of the product down below.  (For the record, people do use a bunch of other oils.  I use this coconut oil for cooking, and I enjoy other benefits as basically the only oil I will use, so it’s ideal for oil pulling.  My stock of coconut oil is used FAR more for oil pulling than for cooking or any other application.)

For those unfamiliar, oil pulling uses about a teaspoon (some people use much more) put in the mouth and swished/sucked, “pulled” around inside the mouth.  Then ALWAYS spit out (NEVER swallowed) after 20 minutes or more.  Since this is an oil, we don’t want to be spitting it out down the sink or letting it go down our pipes.  Instead, collect it in any manner you choose and place it in the garbage.  I have a place outdoors I put melon rinds, orange skins, etc in, and I’ll often just spit it in that area and let nature break it down.

(FOR THE RECORD: Oil pulling can be a near MIRACLE for many people.  In one study, a full 89% of people using the technique for various ailments…joint issues, and a long list of problems us westerners never associate with being related to oral health…benefited ether greatly or even completely from this technique.  So much so, that once the technique was stopped, symptoms returned.  There is a grand science that is finally getting more mainstream attention regarding the connection between the health of the mouth, and the health of the entire body.)

Sodium Bicarbonate for Sore Throat

The sore throat symptom is the worst for me.  Once that passes, I get the nasal issue, usually the whole thing lasting me for two weeks.  It has been SO long, knock on wood, since I’ve had to deal with this.  But on one occasion a while back, I knocked out the initial sore throat symptom quickly with a small glass of spring water, and about a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate mixed in.  I use the aluminum-free Bob’s Red Mill baking soda.  I mention it here because I had a friend try it when her tonsils were once virtually kissing themselves, with white spots all over them, and she was in a lot of pain.  I had her prepare the solution, gargle with it and/or let it sit back there for as long as she could manage, spit it out, repeat, spending a solid five minutes on the effort.  This condition is often bacterial, and the alkalinity seems to knock it out with relative ease.  Her recovery time was basically quadrupled after using this gargle, with noticeable and dramatic improvements the following morning.

I would love to hear feedback from you if you try the above and have success.  For me, these techniques have made a HUGE difference in my life, again, stating that I have not been full-blown sick, with the usual two-week cold/flu that I used to get twice a year…in YEARS now.  I can’t even remember the last time (perhaps 2007 or so).  I am to the point where being around others who are sick still frustrates and concerns me, but I have the confidence that if I am exposed to whatever they have, that it will in turn build my immune system, as I use these other modalities to knock down the symptoms while my body does what it needs to to fight off the bug itself.  Please write to me with your results!  🙂  (MaintenanceMotions at yahoo dot com)



The zinc I use, which you can find on Amazon or at your local health food store (I use literally only a half serving a day):


The coconut oil I use (Please note the picture is not a link in this case.  You’ll have to visit WildernessFamilyNaturals on your own):

My Coconut oil, the Ultra-Clean Expeller-Pressed

And the baking soda, which surprisingly is difficult to find almost anywhere, despite huge demand for it: