Pretty Amazing: Vitamin C mega-dosing for Herniated Disc Pain Relief

Below is a video I posted discussing what I did to successfully resolve an extremely painful relapse of a herniated disc during late summer of 2011.

A few years previous I suffered from a herniated disc due to holding in coughs.  Now, I basically never get sick any longer thanks to all the anti-pathogen supplements I use once I feel something coming on, and due to my diet and immune system maintenance with the probiotics and zinc I discuss else where on this site.

But at the time, I was in a relative’s house, and was attempting to stifle coughs so that I would not wake up others in the house.

I simply could NOT stop the damn coughing.  It was non-stop.

So after several hours worth of attempting to hold in the coughing so as to not make so much noise, I awoke the next morning almost unable to straighten myself upright.

Let this be a lesson to all: Do not EVER stifle coughing.

The pain was intense, and it was difficult to move in much of any direction.

To make a long story short, after a week or two of being able to even get in a car, then getting an MRI to verify that I had a massive L5-S1 herniation, I began some forms of physical therapy which assisted a little bit, but definitely not enough.  I was in a bit of misery, and what was even more difficult was that I had already been through the ringer with some other health ailments from the previous year, that I’ve also covered in parts of the FacelessFatloss material and other places.

Seems like as time went on, my body was simply collapsing on me, all beginning in my mid-to-late 30’s.

WAY too young for all this sh*t to happen.

After two and a half months of suffering, massive sciatica and difficulty getting in and out of my car, dreading it each time, and trying various things, I used large doses of systemic enzymes…

…and within two weeks, had my life back, 90%-plus.

Had never taken systemic enzymes before, so I discovered a neat new modality to help with inflammation.


I could sense that my back was “weak” at times, and was concerned about it but not actively doing as much as I probably should have to help resolve the problem.

Within a week, I bent over at family’s house (luckily was with my family) and could not straighten back up without experiencing huge pain, this time even WORSE than years previous.

This time it was so bad that I could barely move at all, and had to have help from family just to walk 20 feet to get to the bathroom.

I did not have any systemic enzymes in my supplies this time.  Worse, the brand I used a few years back did not exist any longer, so I did not know which ones to research, and could barely even use the computer, I was THAT bad off.

I had an intuition.

Listen to that incredible tuition of yours my friend, it is a powerful little tool we are all blessed with.

Something told me “look into vitamin C.”

I researched Thomas Levy and Linus Pauling’s work, among others, as well as the vitamin C foundation and other areas, and came across a random post of someone who took about twenty grams of ascorbic acid a day, to bowel titration, and felt better within four days, experiencing almost total relief of his disc herniation at that dose.

Vitamin C is NOT to be played with, and NEEDS to be understood, due to possible severe side effects (rebound scurvy).  I discuss how I used it at this link:

So I educated myself on its usage, gave it a try, and experienced the same results.

Folks, this was absolutely profound.

I assumed for SURE this time, I was headed for surgery.  The pain was excruciating.  I could not even find comfortable positions to try to sleep, and could not even get my body horizontal. 

The high dose ascorbic acid worked.  Took it to bowel titration, and backed off it very slowly over the course of three weeks.

Hence the video below.  Please feel free to watch the video on YT so you can read the comment field with other people’s experiences.  Some people are having great success with it, others not so much, but I don’t know if they’re using it correctly or not. 

Regardless, like anything, it might work really well for you.  Just be careful with it, educate yourself about it, and go from there.


A side note for lower back weakness or general muscle discomfort/pain:

Vitamin D

D3 Specifically.


The sun vitamin can and does tend to strengthen the lower back a great deal and provide relief all on its own.

Most people in the western world would think it strange to correlate the use of a vitamin to general areas of the body.

But I, and others, have experienced the benefits first hand.

The general intake that most people use is about 2000 iu’s daily of D3.

Or, and far preferably, sun exposure, full body if possible, for 20 minutes or so depending on skin tone (longer for darker skin tones) to get the maximum bodily production of vitamin D naturally.

It’s difficult for those above Atlanta Georgia or so to get vitamin D outside of the summer months, from sun exposure.

So during the off-season (Fall, Winter, much of Spring), we can either use tanning beds/booths responsibly, minimal exposure to those with UVB bulbs specifically, to help the body generate vitamin D (see Dr. Holick’s work in this area, he is “the” expert in my book).

But use the sun during the summer as much as possible for it’s full spectrum benefits.

I like to protect my face when using tanning booths or the sun, and have my body as exposed as possible instead.

Ever see a 40+ year-old dude in a thong?

(Just joking…I couldn’t resist)  😉

And then I’ll use a clean, heavy-metal free cod liver oil and D3 supplementation in the off-season.  Some people use as much as 5000 iu’s a day, I personally have not found my ideal amount yet.  But at least 2000 iu’s a day seems to be the best “least” amount most of us can use to obtain the benefits, without concern for overdosing on this fat-soluble vitamin.  (And Holick and others suggest that overdosing is almost impossible, and has only happened when products have been mislabeled and far more D was taken in than was thought).

I avoid vitamin D2, as it seems to have little benefit in comparison to D3.

And magnesium, via the link below, is a crucial complimentary mineral to take with vitamin D3, to help ensure the body utilizes the D to its maximum efficiency.