Happy New Year 2018

Hey everyone, this is Tim, and a Happy 2018 to all…

It is just about ten years that I started the Faceless Fat Loss efforts over on youtube.  Youtube has changed a lot since then, and particularly so in the past year.

I haven’t uploaded any video content in some time, yet I do check in regularly, and find comments left often (which I try to respond to) and a continuing-to-grow subscriber base, despite the lack of content.

I really appreciate that!  It has been a bonus to have more people recognize and appreciate the humor on my channel, a few subs even saying it warranted an instant like and sub button push.

I have started a new channel, uploaded a few videos to it, and am deciding on whether or not to pursue a new direction with my youtube efforts on that channel, one that delves heavily into my past and current philosophical and spiritual pursuits.  I’ve been fortunate in that regard to have some amazing experiences, at least according to those I have told some of my stories to.  Telling these stories would definitely make for some interesting youtube fodder, so I’m beginning to coordinate those efforts and determine what is realistic as far as producing the content, and what I’m comfortable talking about in that process.  The subject matters will often be very wayward, and a drastic departure from the fat loss video efforts.

BUT: On the note of fat loss, I recently came across, and have implemented, some absolutely amazing new research in the area of fat loss that virtually no one is talking about; so little is discussed on it, that I feel I need to jump on getting the info out there asap, so I’m also working out those details as well, as we speak.

I will never abandon the FacelessFatloss effort; don’t misunderstand.  I still live that lifestyle, I still look almost exactly the same, and always have.  And I don’t intend to lose those accomplishments.

So stay tuned!  And again, thanks for all your support, and have the Happiest of New Years.



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