Hey, Tim again, regarding free Garcinia Cambogia (Trial Offer): 

     Yet another one of the supplements I’ve been repeatedly asked about, Garcinia Cambogia.  I’ll post a video from a friend regarding her interesting experiences with it, list some highlights, and refer you to a study you can explore.

     The biggie with Garcinia is its powerful ability to reduce the appetite and cravings.  So make sure you are getting adequate nutrition.  If you’ve been following my materials, you know what that means for me: organic whole foods with a sprinkling of daily supplements.

     That said, first check out my friend’s little vid, and her experience with it:


The Highlights:

  • The extract has the potential to prevent visceral fat accumulation.
  • It may lower critical factors such as LDL cholesterol (aka “bad cholesterol”), triglycerides and serum leptin.
  • It may increase the levels of HDL cholesterol ( “good cholesterol”) and serotonin (may reduce depression, migraines and insomnia).
  • Demonstrated a safety profile with no significant adverse effects across 8 weeks in one of the studies.



The Study:

     From the National Institute of Health over at pubmed.gov.  Note the last four sentences in the study specifically: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18084863

The Free Trial Offer:

PLEASE contact me if the offer is no longer available!  Click the link:

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Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………Tim/FacelessFatloss  🙂