Hey there, Tim here, with the list of free supplements I promised…

First things first: These offers are by nature often very limited.  You could see the offer one day where you only have to pay shipping to get a month’s supply, and the next day the same site is charging full price, the sample offer gone.

PLEASE contact us (MaintenanceMotions at the dot com that rhymes with “Bahoo”…trying to avoid spam bots here…;) if the offer is no longer available!  It would be a great help.  And when you do, I will go lengths to try to find you a similar offer to the one you missed out on in exchange for your time.  You can contact me by replying to any of your daily sub-chapter emails.

That said, below are the current trail offers.  Bookmark this page since it will change often, and join the mailing list at the bottom if you want to be notified of new supplements being offered on trial options.

As always…Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………..Tim/FacelessFatloss   🙂


 Garcinia Cambosia


   The popular Garcinia Cambosia supplement, whose greatest benefit is the appetite control people are reporting.  Click here for the Garcinia sample bottle.







   Another popular one, the Forskolin everyone talks about.  Click here for free Forskolin.






 Colon Cleanser

ColonCleansingSupplement   A colon cleanser.  Since I’m ever-conscious of colon health, I was excited to be able to extend this offer.  Click here for the colon cleansing sample bottle.

(P.S. The woman pictured is not photoshopped…I know her personally!)




Raspberry Ketone


     By increasing the production of adiponectin via a concentrated part of the wonderful raspberry, we can experience an increased breakdown in body fat via a naturally amped metabolism.  Click here for the raspberry ketone sample bottle.

Enhanced Muscle Building


Pro Muscle Fit 30 day sample bottle, a powerful combination of L-Arginine as a NO precursor, along with ingredients designed to enhance protein synthesis and faster muscle recovery.  CLICK HERE for ingredients and the free sample link.


Another brand of Forskolin, the site includes a video from a well-known TV doctor discussing the benefits of forskolin, and his recommended usage.  Click here for this sample bottle of forskolin offer.

(Bookmark us, more being added Spring of 2015)