Below are the enzyme and probiotic formulas that I encourage everyone to consider using to help get their intestinal tract in order.  I know they are a little expensive, but, this is also one of the most important things that anyone can do in an effort to regain health as a priority, and secondarily to assist with fat and weight loss.  It is not until the colon is cleared up that real progress can be made in these areas.

This topic is far more important than people realize, and is vastly under-addressed in both the health, illness and fitness fields.  The alternative researchers who actively explore this area come to discover that it is indeed a core issue…possibly “THE” core issue…to regaining health and accomplishing our goals.

If you are a participant in the FacelessFatloss and Over 40 programs, you know of the studies I have presented regarding the experiments with chicken heart tissue that was kept alive well beyond the lifespan of a normal chicken’s life, by simply taking toxins out of the tissue daily, and giving adequate nutrition to the cells.

The experiment basically demonstrated a near-eternal life for these cells based on this form of maintenance.

If you think about it, it’s not a stretch to understand that toxicity and pathogens, therefore, could be responsible in large part for what we define as “aging.”  That possibly, aging might be nothing more than the body taking on the incremental daily burden of toxins and pathogens to the extent of causing degeneration.

This also leads to the notions of what are labeled “degenerative diseases.”

We accept these as “normal signs of aging.”

It is my contention, that perhaps they are not…not at all.

Especially when a person goes on a detoxification and anti-pathogen path, and finds relief to all sorts of ailments in the process of doing so.

I am a living example of just such a path.

Hence the extreme importance of maintaining our body’s sewage/elimination system.

The below products are also known to greatly assist with bowel movements.  Not only are we attacking the fungal overgrowth that seems to be epidemic at this point in all our bodies, but we’re also re-balancing with healthy bacteria as the secondary and equally vital compliment to re-establishing our immune system’s natural ecology.

I favor these products over products like Syntol, due to a strain of bacteria used in the Syntol product that I believe is counter-productive to our efforts.  I have support on this opinion by an established anti-fungal doctor, who’s practice specializes in candida on the west coast.  And I have heard of people having herx reactions to the Syntol product, where I have never heard anything but positive reactions to the two products below.  I use them myself.

The silver supplements we use hit systemic issues.  They cannot reach the lower GI tract due to how silver is processed in the gut, losing its viability shortly after reaching the stomach.  Hence the sublingual absorption.

So to handle the gut issues…which is where the *origin* of most of our systemic issues are, the fungus for example having breached the gut/immune system and found it’s home elsewhere in the body…we use awesome enzymes and probiotics like those below to get ourselves back into balance and health.

And if you are experiencing the other classic signs/symptoms of fungal overgrowth…difficulty concentrating, poor mental focus, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, low energy…one of the founders of this company, Brenda Watson, believes as I do; that if you balance your gut, you heal your body and mind.

Please be prepared for substantial BM’s; long and smooth fecal matter, as the body unloads the “junk.”  Some report having the most “robust” BM’s they’ve ever had using these two supplements!  The enzymes are taken before bed, or at least two hours after any meal (preferably before bed, or whenever you won’t be eating for at least several hours afterwards).  Reason for this is that we don’t want the enzymes acting in digestion, which some enzymes are designed to do (indeed, some of these same enzymes in the product itself)…we want these enzymes unencumbered by any food, so they can tackle the mess deeper in the GI tract without interference.  And they will when used properly.  Then the probiotics can be taken either alone or with a small meal.  My latest research suggests that intact live cells can and do reach their points of destination in the intestinal tract either way, where they will help rebuild and flourish. 

In my opinion…they simply WORK.  And that’s all that matters!

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace….Tim

P.S. I’ve had people ask me about the various options in probiotics from Renew Life…I choose the one below not only because of the high cell count, but perhaps even more importantly, the *strain count* as well, with a wide array of healthy bacteria.  Studies have shown that higher strain counts often give the gut more opportunities to grow and maintain flora counts due to the ecological diversity.  And, people take up to three of these a day, as I have, when dealing with fungal issues.  A company spokesperson has said no side effects where noted, except that the extra intake may be excreted out during a bowel movement (BM).  Some anti-fungal protocols have people taking extremely large quantities of probiotics due to the intense competition the yeasts have with healthy bacteria in the gut.  I welcome feedback on the use of these enzymes and probiotics.  They are, in my opinion, one of the most important combinations you can incorporate into your overall health and fat loss strategy to help your body do what you need it to do, to provide you with the high energy and health that you need.

P.P.S. Within the first three purchases of listing these two items on my site, two of the customers gave me some awesome feedback on the use of these two products within the first week:

“Wanted to tell you that I took the Detoxisode for yeast candida that my chiro gave me for 3wks. and it did nothing for the rash on my face.  Took the Renew Life probiotics and candi-zyme for ONE WEEK  this past Tuesday & WOW it’s 1/2 gone already.”….Shannon from Ohio

“I am taking the probiotics you described.   I am also using the magnesium oil (see my topical magnesium oil suggestion in other parts of my material).  I am happy to report that my bowel issue has improved a lot…”….Ani from Alaska




CandiZYME CandiZYME“Multi-Enzyme, Anti-Fungal Formula for Yeast Overgrowth. SmartZYME blend for more potent enzymes. Supports healthy balance of yeast organisms. Helps break down sugars and carbohydrates before they can ferment or be used by yeast. Fights Candida overgrowth and helps break down cellulose (vegetable fiber) and yeast cells. Effective alone or with CandiGONE.”


And the probiotics:


Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 BillionHigh-Bifido Maximum Digestive Support Probiotic. 80 Billion Cultures in One Capsule. 14-Strain BifidoMAX Probiotic Blend. Helps Relieve Digestive Distress. Enteric-GUARD Delayed Release. Potent-GUARD Guaranteed Effective.

I prefer to buy the above two products directly from Renew Life, per the links above, to help assure freshness of the cultures, which do degrade over time.

If you need to save a couple bucks (there is very little price difference unless you’re able to find a special sale…BUT…usually a sale on products like this means they are approaching expiration dates, where again the degrading of the product is an issue) then I have provided an Amazon link below for you to shop for the products or comparable ones there.  Just click on the picture of the product to be taken directly to a lower-priced offer:



As a side note, the probiotics are in my opinion extremely important for everyone.  However, for competitors, such as female athletes like figure/fitness competitors who engage in extremes of diet in their preparation for shows, the probiotics become essential post-show to help rebuild intestinal flora that is sometimes sacrificed in the pre-contest dieting efforts many of these women take on.