Below is the allicin I prefer, in the 360 mg size caps.  There are other options available on Amazon, but these are the higher potency, and I would not use allicin from any other manufacturer personally; they have proven themselves out for years now, the quality of the allicin and serving size just plain works for me.  I use it for every single fast, as well as cycle it into my diet when I feel illness pending, or UTI’s, etc.

I need to reiterate that I have used other allicin products from other companies (two others).  I found them to have virtually none of the effectiveness of this specific brand.  One of them was even made by another very well-known name in the alternative health field.  Regardless, they had no effect on me whatsoever, whereas this product always does, without exception.  Just my two cents.

Note that the picture of the bottle below may not match the picture of the ad link that sent you here…the picture may not have been updated yet, but the picture link below takes you to my preferred product regardless.  Click on it to get to the Amazon page: