“For the ignored, quiet hero, who struggles to survive, in discomfort and pain, yet receives little acknowledgement, and deserves the highest human award for enduring the kinds of suffering that go FAR beyond the everyday complaints of the masses.”

What makes this site unique:

We have a focus on the “mystery” illnesses, pain and discomfort-related issues, especially those that the medical community labels “unknowns” and “medical enigmas,” and we work hard to provide all of the information for free that may help you find your solutions to the challenges you’re facing. 

A refreshing change of pace: Honesty in a website’s efforts, and integrity among its people.

While we will refer you to specific products or services from time to time, that we in turn earn commissions from (often extremely small commissions), it is with the understanding that ALL…without exception…of the products/services are those we use ourselves or have second hand experience of family/friends use of the product. 


This is NOT a site designed, (like the VAST majority of them out there), to simply introduce you to a new product or service that we are simply “selling.”  It contains first and foremost FREE information…real research and experience to help you…and then only those products/services that we or our friends use, and have given us a benefit, improved our quality of life, and possibly even restored our health.  Its primary writer is Tim Ritter, of the Faceless Fat Loss program seen to your right, and will have other contributors and/or outside research presented from time to time.

In summation, this site is designed to give away as much as possible, to help you regain your health and happiness, perhaps without needing to spend even a dime to do it.


Please check out the two horizontal bars at the top of the page for topics and drop-down menus to easily navigate this site.

It’s our hope that the information on this site resolves so much of the conflicting information out there, and gives you a place where you can go and not have to wonder if the information provided is designed to simply take your money, as the VAST majority of sites out there are designed to do.

This site is designed to help you become your own authority.

Read the research, watch the videos, and listen to that inner voice that will tell you if what is being described is right for YOU.

That may mean that you do not find your answers here, and that’s ok…it’s far more important that you get yourself well, and we welcome your feedback, your experiences, on any topic, any time.  🙂

That could also mean that you try something, and it does give you the results you had hoped for. 

But in that process, there is ALWAYS a benefit; that of learning, and being able to further self-discern, to find the answer to the puzzle you’re piecing together.

And we FIRMLY believe that answer DOES EXIST.  And you CAN..and WILL…find it.  Adopt that mode of thinking both for the sake of your own recovery, and for the sake of others who can and will then BENEFIT from your discoveries.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

Do not underestimate your own authority, your own abilities.  We are trained from our early years to look to authority…to look UP to people…instead of having that confidence within ourselves.

We all can and do LEARN from others.  But as you learn, it’s deciding whether that information applies to YOU that empowers yourself, and guides you towards the decisions that will enable you, to help yourself, the most.  It is our sincere belief, that this very direction is where we, as humanity, are intended to go:

-To become our own authorities, stop giving our discernment to others, so we can help ourselves

-To share what we’ve learned, that helped us, to then in turn help and empower others

-And in doing so, creating the new paradigm, where WE take responsibility for ourselves, and use that new confidence to in turn help those less fortunate around us, to in turn help THEMSELVES…and then others.

“Changing the world” is not about a change on a mass level.  It’s about your positive influence on those in YOUR world…your family and friends…that truly creates the mass-consciousness change.

Your own power of discernment and inner guidance is your birthright.  It is this inner strength and confidence that first helps YOU, and then BREEDS the creativity and inspiration that we all benefit from as the new way of moving forward on our journey.

This IS the new way of life folks.  The “good guys” really are WINNING.  It may not always look like it, but we ARE. 

Hop on this bandwagon of self-empowerment, and be one of the humble leaders quietly helping this world become a better place.


The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.  It is comprised of the research of various people, many considered “experts” in their field, including the opinions of doctors, scientists and researchers, as well as anecdotal experience of the writers themselves.  We cannot under any conditions offer advice, suggestions or recommendations about treatment for any illness or disease.  You should seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor at all times to help you make medical decisions that are right for you.